Friday, January 13, 2023

Former royal family butler recalls Prince Harry was ‘excited’ about Charles and Camilla’s wedding so what he says now ‘makes no sense’

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Many people have weighed in with comments for and against Prince Harry since he began his promotional book tour for his memoir spare partwhich was released on January 10th. However, many of the commentators are unaware of the prince, but some who comment are confused by what is in the Duke of Sussex’s book.

Grant Harrold worked for the Royals from 2004 to 2011. He was the personal butler to then Prince Charles and also looked after Camilla, Queen Consort (formerly Camilla Parker Bowles) and Prince William and Harry when they were staying at Highgrove House. He says he doesn’t understand what the Duke is saying now because Harry was actually “excited” the day Charles married Camilla.

Speaking on behalf of Spin Genie, Harrold shared what he remembered about Harry’s relationship with his father and Camilla, claiming he experienced a lot of “warmth” and “laughter.”

Harrold said: “I witnessed that warm relationship [between Charles and Harry], I really have. I wouldn’t say I was jealous because I had a good relationship with my dad, but I always thought it was nice that they had such a fun relationship.”

And when Harry was around his stepmother, Harrold recalls: “Whenever Harry was around Camilla, there was always laughter, she giggled and he giggled and it was funny. To see that, you just have to look at the pictures. If it were that awful, you certainly wouldn’t bother being seen with them. She’s someone trying to please everyone, so I don’t get it.

“Harry, from what I’ve seen with the family, has always been supportive, funny and getting along with her own children, Laura and Tom, from what I’ve seen, I absolutely saw that. Well, you wouldn’t have gotten any further with them, would you? So obviously something happened to change his mind, and your guess is as good as mine as to what changed that.

During his promotional tour for spare parttold Prince Harry 60 minutes that he and his brother, Prince William, begged their father not to marry Camilla. But Harrold recalls that Harry was actually “excited” when the wedding took place.

“I was there for the wedding, the engagement. I promise you from my point of view, and as I said, I wasn’t there every single second so I can’t guarantee what conversations took place, but when I was around everyone got along,” the former butler insisted. “[Harry and William] supported their father, they were very excited about that.”

Harrold recalls, “After the wedding, when the cars pulled away, William and Harry ran after the cars with the cans. why would you do that If you were so against it, you wouldn’t even go outside. I promise you it just doesn’t make sense, I was saddened by the words used and the way it was described, but like I said it could be something I don’t know is happening is what made him feel that way. I understand that because from my point of view I was gone for almost 12 years again. A lot can happen in 12 years, there might be a relationship change, conflicts, so something might have gone wrong. But all I know is that it doesn’t make sense looking back at that time. I feel sorry for all of them and I’m a bit torn about not wanting to upset any of them because I like them all, but it doesn’t add up.

“I’m sure there are many people out there who would say they were in a similar situation, their relationship with their stepmother will never be the same as their relationship with their own mother and they put on a brave face and move on with it. Maybe he did that, put on a brave face and went through, it’s possible. But it made me sad because it’s not the family I remember.”

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