Friday, January 20, 2023

‘Fixer to Fabulous’ co-host Jenny Marrs shared the cutest birthday tribute to daughter Sylvie: ‘Lovely Young Lady’

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A Fixer to Fabulous birthday of the family. Jenny Marrs, co-host of the HGTV original series, took to Instagram to celebrate her daughter Sylvie, who turned 11. First the words that Sylvie whispered to the mother of five children and how the Marrs family celebrated this special day.

Jenny took a break from renovating homes in Bentonville, Arkansas and running a farm to scream her and Dan Marr’s adopted daughter Sylvie. In an Instagram post, the designer celebrated Sylvie’s 11th birthday with a video and a heartfelt message.

“ELEVEN✨ How is it that my squishy toddler with the husky voice and adorable accent now stands before me as this lovely young lady who exudes both strength and grace? Jenny wrote in the caption alongside shots of the family at a roller rink.

“How is it that the years of prayer and longing for your physical presence in our family feels like a lifetime and a moment ago?” She continued, referring to Sylvie’s adoption from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Dave and Jenny legally adopted Sylvie in 2013. A Congolese government shutdown prevented the now 11-year-old from joining them until July 2014 (via People).

the Fixer to Fabulous Stern continued. “I remember years ago, as I lay next to you at bedtime, rubbing your back and assuring you I’m here and you’re safe, you would whisper the same words night after night, ‘God brought me home worn, mom’. ” She said.

“Indeed, my girl,” Jenny continued. “He knew our little family would never have been complete without you. And he knew that this crazy world of ours desperately needs you to shine your brilliantly bright, beautifully radiant light.”

“Shine on, my love. ✨. Happy birthday, Sylvie Loo! We loved celebrating you today!” Jenny ended the post. “I love you a million times to the moon and back!!! ?.”

Jenny wasn’t the only one who wished Sylvie a happy birthday. David, you Fixer to Fabulous The co-host and husband also wished their daughter a happy birthday on Instagram. However, with a dig at his own skating skills.

“Happy Birthday to my beautiful Sylvie Marrs. 11 years old today,” he captioned an Instagram video of him skating with his daughters. “So I thought why not choreograph an ice skating dance with my wife and Charlotte. Didn’t know I was really terrible at roller skating. Anyway, I love you Sylvie.”

Catch a glimpse of the HGTV stars’ children — Sylvie, Charlotte, Nathan, Ben, and Luke Fixer to Fabulous.

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