Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Fit to Kill: 5 things to know about Lifetime’s shocking thriller

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Sadie lands a one-time dream job, but reconsiders her decision when she realizes her boss’s former assistants have mysteriously disappeared

What sets this upcoming drop apart from the rest? For starters, the plot is rather unusual. Ironically, landing your dream job comes with its own deadly consequences in this mind-bending thriller. Sadie (Revell Carpenter), an aspiring woman who dreams of working in fashion, gets a jump start on her career when she gets the opportunity to book for Claudia (Maeve Quinlan), a famous model-turned-clothing designer work. A long string of extreme outbursts and bizarre events in her new boss’s life lead her to wonder if her so-called dream job is worth all the fuss. The upcoming movie also stars Sarah Voigt (as Lynn) in a supporting role.

Lifetime brings us another thriller to satisfy our curious minds. Fit to Kill, also known as A Job to Die For, is set to premiere on May 14, 2022.


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When will Fit to Kill be released and where can you watch it?

“Fit to Kill” premieres on Saturday, May 14, 2022 at 8/7c. You can watch it on the Lifetime channel.

The official synopsis reads, “A girl gets an assistant job at a major fashion designer who isn’t what everyone thinks of her.”

Revell Carpenter as Sadie

Revell Carpenter is a famous American actress. She is a graduate of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, New York. In addition, Carpenter received her acting training in New York, Los Angeles and London. Born and raised in New York, Carpenter grew up in both musical and classical theater from an early age. She is also fluent in Mandarin, Russian and Spanish.

Her notable work includes her role as Katia Williams on The CW’s “All American: Homecoming.” Additionally, Carpenter is known for her outstanding performances in lead roles in the Lifetime films Malicious Motives, Deadly Debutante and What the Nanny Saw.

She also landed starring roles in independent films including Glass Cabin, Thick As Thieves and Someone’s on The Other Line; The latter two also earned her Best Actress awards at several international film festivals.

The rest of the cast includes Maeve Quinlan as Claudia, Madison Crawford as Lexi, Olivia Larsen as Rebecca, Catherine Calloway as Elena, Sarah Voigt as Lynn, Demetria Curry as the Fashion Executive, Darren Johnson as Julius, and Joseph Elliot Rodriguez as Vince.

Who stars in the Lifetime thriller?

The film is written by Daniel West and directed by David Benullo.

We don’t see an update on that front yet, but stay tuned!

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