Saturday, June 25, 2022

Felicity: 2-year-old girl’s face and body mutilated after being abused by a pack of family puppies

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“There’s a chance she’s going on dialysis because her kidneys are failing and her body is shutting down from the trauma,” Felicity’s grandmother said

Felicity, a 2-year-old girl, was abused by a pack of her family’s puppies and is currently in hospital with serious injuries. She suffered muscle damage in her face, arms and legs and had to undergo plastic surgery because of the dogs’ attack.

Felicity was outside with her mother Sierra Michele Peden, father Michael, her three siblings Samantha (13), Daisy (10) and Daryl (1) and the family’s four 12 week old puppies, gardening in preparation for a housewarming and Birthday celebration on June 3rd. The incident reportedly happened within 10 minutes of when the parents weren’t around, according to an update on the Felicity fundraiser on GoFundMe.


“At that time, to our knowledge, Felicity was never alone with the puppies. We have a dog door so they can come and go as they please. Tragically, we’ve all learned how everything can change in the blink of an eye when everything is going well. We take full responsibility and accountability for this and are incredibly grateful to everyone who has offered their love, prayers and financial support,” Sierra said in a statement.

“On 6/3/22 our daughter Felicity was attacked by 4 dogs. They ate her ear and mutilated her face, neck and mostly her upper body. She underwent a 3 hour plastic surgery. Thanks to the fantastic trauma center, experienced doctors and life saving treatments available at Children’s Hospital, Felicity is recovering beautifully [red heart emoji]. However, the nightmare is not over yet. She has a long road to recovery and many more surgeries ahead of her,” she wrote.

The family adopted four Queensland Labrador puppies named Amarah, Negan, Gideon and Keerah on May 22nd. “They had eaten her ear and mutilated her face, neck and upper body. which made me cry and my stomach got sick. She was missing her hair and was covered in bandages and gauze. There were stitches in multiple places including her lip, neck and throat. I was crying, my heart was broken and I felt like I was going to pass out – the feeling of not being able to do anything to help my baby was overwhelming,” Sierra said, according to the Mirror.

“We try to make other families aware that there is something called littermate syndrome; this term refers to a whole range of behavioral issues that can arise when canine siblings (littermates) grow up in the same household beyond the normal 8 to 10 weeks old when puppies are typically housed in separate homes. We really appreciate you all and thank you for taking the time to follow Felicity’s story and walk through the journey with us,” concluded Sierra.

“Felicity is a strong and resilient angel, able to overcome everything she has endured despite what reality is now showing us. We believe she will recover and we hope that as she heals, the trauma will be forgotten. There’s a chance she’s going on dialysis because of her kidneys are failing and her body is shutting down from the trauma but like I said WE ARE COMMITTED TO BRINGING YOUR TRIUMPH OVER THIS TRAGEDY AND WE INVITE YOU TO YOU TO CHEER WITH US!” Felicity’s grandmother Linnea wrote in a message.

“Just whisper sweet words of love, light and power into the wind carried to her by angels. May every cell in your body seek and find life! Thank you for your loving kindness, prayers and support. We are forever grateful. One day Felicity will appreciate you all as much as we do,” she concluded. A previous update mentions that Felicity has suffered muscle damage in her face, arms and legs and will require many surgeries and a long hospital stay. Her ears will also need multiple reconstruction surgeries.

The family hopes to raise awareness of the dangers of Littermate Syndrome, a serious behavioral disorder that causes young dogs to become too attached to each other. “PLEASE help us spread the word about this potentially deadly problem. The more families know, the better. We don’t want what happened to our family to ever happen to anyone else again. The only way to ensure this is to shed some light on this issue. Spread the word about littermate syndrome!” reads the message on GoFundMe.

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