Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Farrah Abraham’s beach photos with Sophia have fans concerned

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Fans had some concerns after Farrah Abraham and her daughter, 13-year-old Sophia, were caught wearing matching tops in Hawaii.

The images – obtained by The Sun – showed Abraham and Sophia in pink fuzzy tops. Abraham wore a bikini while Sophia opted for a tube top. Abraham completed the look with a white alo skirt and Sophia paired her top with black cargo pants and a Prada bucket hat.

Sophia shared the beach photos on her Instagram story on June 9, making sure to tag The Sun. They showed the mother-daughter duo smiling while Abraham used a bubble blower.

Abraham didn’t immediately share the beach pics to her page, but she did come up with a comment, “It’s a good day to be real,” she wrote.

The style was a bit of a departure from Sophia’s signature look. In previous photos, she wore oversized tops – like the one she donned in Abraham’s 31st birthday post – and dark colors.

It’s not uncommon for mothers and daughters to match their clothes, but there was something about Abraham’s beach photos that didn’t please her fans on Reddit.

“This whole twin sister relationship that Farrah has with Sophia is really disturbing considering her actions and hypersexual behavior,” wrote an original poster, which received more than 350 comments.

The thread inspired more than 250 replies, mostly from people who agreed the beach pics were worrisome.

“I feel weird seeing these IG blogger moms being with their toddlers all the time. I couldn’t be more comfortable watching Farrah do it with Sophia,” one person wrote.

“I think when she’s trying to teach Sophia and show that it’s okay to be comfortable with your sexuality, she’s creating a different set of problems. She doesn’t teach anyone boundaries or limits at Sophia’s age,” added a second social media user.

Some people defended the look.

“I think Sophia’s outfit is cute🤷‍♀️. I think it’s pretty age appropriate, it suits her style too. Farrah, on the other hand, looks pathetic,” they said.

On the same day that Abraham revealed she was dating Mack Lovat – the guitarist and producer of Minus Gravity – she revealed their relationship was on the wane and that he was a “monster”.

“I’m more confident in my life at this point and as I date and embrace new terms and rules from my 12-step Principles program, I look forward to the date as I am happier than I have ever been in my life and I want to share that with someone special,” Abraham told E! On-line.

Abraham said Lovat couldn’t handle the publicity. “Sometimes people turn into monsters with the press, glad I found out now,” she told TMZ.

Lovat told a different story, insisting he never agreed to a relationship with Abraham. He told The Ashley’s Reality Roundup that they met on Bumble and only met in person twice.

“It was surprising to wake up and discover I’d gotten a girlfriend overnight because I certainly never agreed to that … with anyone,” Lovat told The Ashley.

“I texted Farrah to clarify this and also to let her know that I felt something like this was a joint decision…she then bade me a few words and blocked me,” he added The Ashley added.

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