Monday, October 3, 2022

Fans Warn Carrie Underwood’s Husband: ‘Watch Your Back!’

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Carrie Underwood fans say there’s no way the superstar will let her husband get away with a recent prank without serious revenge. During a peaceful run, the “American Idol” winner showed impressive restraint when her husband, retired NHL player Mike Fisher, tried to scare her. Here’s what happened…

On September 14, 2022, Fisher shared video on his Instagram feed taken while driving his truck down a country road. Spotting his 12-year-old wife on the run, he said, “Let’s see if we can get her.”

He then slowly crept up behind Underwood and then honked his horn, which sounded like a loud train horn — a feature some people add to their vehicles, especially pickup trucks. There are YouTube videos full of people responding to being “train horns” by ducking or yelling.

But Underwood kind of kept her cool, barely flinching and never stopping her stride when the horn blew. She turned to check and as soon as she saw her husband behind the wheel, she pointed and Fisher laughed. The country star then moved in front of his truck and ran backwards while she jokingly glared at him.

Fisher wrote in the caption of his post, “Not my best work, but still had a lot of fun!”

Fans immediately flooded Fisher’s post with “watch your back” warnings, sure his wife would make him pay for his stunt. Several people reminded him that she’s widely considered the queen of country music revenge songs, with hits like “Before He Cheats,” “Blown Away,” and “Somethin’ Bad” with Miranda Lambert.

One person commented: “Don’t you hear their songs?! She’ll get you!”

Another wrote the lyrics to one of her recent singles: “‘I’m gonna be your Ghost Story, lol.'”

“She gave you the death glare at the end,” someone added. “That was funny!”

Another wrote: “She will get you back!! You better watch out!”

Some people expressed empathy for Underwood, writing comments like “poor Carrie” and “someone’s been retired too long.”

Several people were impressed by how little Underwood flinched at the sound of the horn. One of her good friends, nutritionist Cara Clark, wrote, “Haha you’re not phasing her anymore…but now she’ll be like a goose and never move.”

Many fans who responded to Fisher’s post said his prank reminded them of a similar video from 2020 of American Idol judge Luke Bryan “listening” to his wife Caroline. She was so startled that she swerved her bike in the grass and fell off as Luke laughed.

One fan wrote: “@lukebryan and @linabryan3 will show you how” with laughing emojis.

Another suggested: “You and @lukebryan need to get together and plan a big prank for Carrie & Caroline.”

“@lukebryan @linabryan3 yours is still the best,” another person wrote.

Given that the Bryans are known for pranking each other, some fans encouraged Underwood to take some good advice from Caroline to get revenge on her husband.

One of them wrote: “@carrieunderwood you need @linabryan3 for advice!”

Meanwhile, it sounds like Fisher’s old colleagues want to help Underwood get her sweet revenge. The NHL Alumni Association commented, “@carrieunderwood let’s prank @mfisher1212!” and added the shhh face emoji.

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