Monday, June 27, 2022

Fans think the Southern Charm star looks ‘unrecognizable’ in ‘New Confessional’

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A ‘Southern Charm’ star says fans don’t look like herself after Bravo posted new pics of confessions.

On June 15, 2022, Bravo released multiple images of self-confessed screenshots from the new season of Southern Charm. One of those images was of Kathryn Dennis, who has appeared on the show since season one.

But many fans didn’t recognize her.

Here’s what you need to know:

“I literally had to tap the tags because I didn’t recognize them,” someone wrote of the three women on the show.

“That’s a Kathryn impersonator, I swear. Still beautiful but so different,” wrote another fan.

“Katherine is literally unrecognizable but in a good way lol,” one commented.

“I literally watched every season and didn’t know it was Kathryn…” one fan wrote.

“I love Katherine… but I didn’t know it was her,” someone said.

“Who are these people?” asked a fan about the three photos.

“Why didn’t I recognize Kathryn,” said one fan.

“Didn’t even recognize her,” commented another person.

“Oh my god, she looks like a whole new person,” someone said.

“Kathryn’s kids will wake up one day and not recognize their own mother,” one fan wrote in reference to Kathryn’s two children.

“That doesn’t look like Kathryn at all. Da fuq,” commented another.

“Is that Catherine? I didn’t even recognize her. She looks amazing,” wrote one fan.

“Doesn’t even look like her…too many filters and plastic surgery,” commented another fan.

“I literally didn’t recognize Kathryn,” someone said.

“Kathryn looks like Taylor Swift’s cousin now?” asked one fan.

“I don’t recognize any of them,” wrote another fan.

“Why does Kathryn look like Ashley?” asked one fan, referring to Dennis’ baby daddy’s ex-girlfriend.

“She looks different every time!” another fan pointed out.

“Who are these people? Are you sure they’re from Southern Charm?” someone asked.

“She looks very different,” said another fan.

“I really didn’t recognize Kathryn. Although it was Deandra from Dallas,” someone else pointed out, noting a former Real Housewife as her doppelganger.

According to a report by Radar Online, Dennis is at risk of eviction for unpaid rent. She missed “February and March 2022 payments for more than $4,500 each, for a total of $9,252,” the outlet reported.

The property management company filed a “rule to eviction notice,” which is a step in the eviction process if it comes to that.

Dennis hinted that she might be relocating in a June 6 Instagram post.

“I moved in the damp. Time to relax on a fluff,” she wrote.

This comes at the same time Dennis has reportedly lost her custodial attorneys.

According to All About The Tea, which obtained court documents, Dennis’ attorneys dropped her as a client in her custody case.

South Carolina attorneys Susan Rawls Strom and Pete Currence were quoted as saying, according to the outlet, “The attorney-client relationship is ‘irretrievably compromised.'”

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