Saturday, November 27, 2021

Fans slam James Kennedy thinking he’s bad for Raquel Leviss

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James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss are engaged after about two years of relationship. The proposal was recorded for an episode of “Vanderpump Rules”. Kennedy teamed up with Tom Sandoval to plan the perfect night for Leviss, who was completely surprised when Kennedy got on his knees at a makeshift Coachella festival appropriately named “Rachella”.

“The love of my life said yes,” wrote Kennedy on an Instagram post after the engagement.

Kennedy and Leviss have had many ups and downs but managed to stay together through it all. Now the two are ready for the next chapter of their lives and they seem to be in a really good place. However, fans are not exactly convinced that this relationship will work.

Additionally, some fans think Leviss is way too good for Kennedy and feel that she should break up with him.

Here’s what you need to know:

While some Vanderpump Rules fans endorse Kennedy’s relationship with Leviss, others think the two don’t go well together. It seems like that opinion has grown even more popular after a plot this season that has made some fans skeptical – and concerned – about it.

After undergoing nose surgery, Leviss claims Kennedy went too hard to kiss and punched his nose. The incident resulted in Leviss having to consult a plastic surgeon (she went with Lisa Vanderpump to a meeting with Dr. Paul Nassif). However, some fans don’t seem to believe this story.

“I think he actually belongs to someone as crazy as Kristen, who yells back and puts him in his place. I don’t think he was too hard to kiss after her nose surgery either. I think he was angry and hit physically (as we’ve seen him lose control and get physical), “one Redditor started a thread about Kennedy and Leviss.

“I wouldn’t be so skeptical of the kiss-and-nose story if it wasn’t so incredibly sketchy and paranoid,” wrote another.

“I also thought that maybe he lost his temper and something happened. One of the reasons I think this is because he was so worried about what people would think. For example, if he was just poking her nose, why not just come out and say that? Why try so hard to hide it, does her plastic surgery make a storyline too? It’s strange, “added a third commenter.

“I wonder what really happened to her nose. If he just went hard for a kiss and “nudged” him, then why are they so freaking out? Echoed a fourth.

Fans don’t believe Kennedy is the right person for Leviss based on what they see on “VPR”.

“Raquel is too good for James, but I think Raquel has a point in taking care of James too. But girl Raquel, if you read this you can’t change anyone no matter how hard you try. Remember, “commented one Redditor.

“I couldn’t believe how he kept talking about how He would be affected if her new rhinoplasty didn’t work out. How exactly there should Raquel say, “I’m out.” He really doesn’t see how confused it is, ”wrote another.

“I think he needs to be alone for a while and focus on therapy and anger management. He was rumored to have physically abused Kristen and we all saw her beating him at whoever was at the wedding, ”added a third.

“She should be with someone like Jason at Winter House. He’s sweet, supportive, cooks and is totally hot, ”read a fourth comment.

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