Monday, October 3, 2022

Fans have slammed Alyssa Farah Griffin and The View host Ana Navarro for mispronouncing the A-list star’s name live on air

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This isn’t the first time the hosts got people’s names wrong

It’s a myth that renowned talk show hosts are always good at pronunciation. However, when it comes to popular celebs, an Emmy-winning blunder by the former White House director of strategic communications, in particular, can become a huge blunder. Co-hosts Ana Navarro and Alyssa Farah Griffin mispronounced American actress Zendaya’s name on Friday’s episode of ‘The View’ after discussing a segment about male height.

The co-hosts spoke in a discussion about Zendaya during a segment dedicated to discussing men’s height that lasted almost an hour. 79-year-old Joy Behar kicked off the segment by saying, “It may seem like women are always getting something operational bigger or smaller.”


“But according to GQ, men who want to get taller resort to a terribly painful process called leg lengthening,” she continued. Moving on, the 79-year-old explained the details of the surgical procedure, saying that “there have been so many men in history who were short and successful,” speaking in favor of men of short stature, saying there are several in this story seen successful men who weren’t that great.

Co-hosts Ana and Alyssa read a study that statistically proves that shorter men have fewer career opportunities and less favorable romantic relationships. They then went on to talk about some famous men who are smaller in stature than their female counterparts but enjoy successful careers.

Alyssa stepped in and broached the subject, saying, “I don’t have strong feelings about male greatness, but I think having the right personality and an outgoing demeanor can help.” Of Tom Holland, she said, “Well, now I’ll name him Zendaya’s friend, I don’t think he’s that big of an icon, but he’s shot. He’s so cute.” Here’s where the mistake happened, when Alyssa pronounced her name as “Zend-EYE-a.” Co-host Sunny Hostin chimed in, clarifying, “Tom-Tom Holland.”

Though the 26-year-old Spider-Man actress is just two inches taller than Tom Holland (Zendaya is 5’10 and Tom is 5’8), her slim frame paired with heels makes her look a lot taller. Confused co-host Joy asked who Tom was and her co-hosts explained. Ana also pointed out to her co-hosts that she doesn’t know Tom or Zendaya, so “go ahead.” She (Ana) also pronounced Zendaya’s name in the same weird way. In fact, the California-born actress is named Zen-DAY-a as opposed to Zend-EYE-a.

As The Sun previously reported, this isn’t the first time the hosts have messed up people’s names. Given that Zendaya is an A-listed star who has also bagged two Emmy Awards and is the first black woman to win the same in the Lead Actress Drama Series category, it’s odd that the hosts of such a prestigious Show doesn’t know how to pronounce her name correctly. The actress has said that Zendaya is an A-list star, it’s strange that the hosts don’t know how to pronounce her name correctly.

Of course, fans of “The View” were quick to spot the pronunciation error and took to social media to comment on how the co-hosts pronounce Zendaya’s name. One wrote: “The fact that (2) Cohost mispronounced this girl’s name: sounds like Zen-the-a, HIS ZENDAYA. #The view.”

“#TheView Welp, just found out I’m mispronouncing Zendaya,” aired another.

Another viewer wrote, “By the way it’s pronounced Zen-DAY-uh not Zen-the-uh #TheView.”

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