Saturday, June 25, 2022

Fans cheer on “Dancing With the Stars” pro Lindsay Arnold

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Some fans of “Dancing With the Stars” pro Lindsay Arnold are upset with the way the dancer is portraying herself online, calling it “inauthentic”.

One person on Reddit noted that Arnold often asks followers to vote on the outfits she would wear, though she doesn’t always follow the advice.

Some people said they thought Arnold was “annoying.”

“I can’t imagine how annoying she is on this vacation with Sam’s family members who are out of control,” one person commented on the post.

In response to commenting that Arnold was “annoying” on vacation, one person said they thought Arnold was “begging for an engagement” in their posts.

“I thought so too when she was doing the fittings there on the deck or whatever. The constant begging to take surveys and the non-stop inauthentic posting is so off-putting to me,” she wrote.

Another thought Arnold should use the time to hang out with her family.

“Plus vacation time is time to hang out with family, read, hang out in the pool and such…why is she on the phone so much?” reads a response to the post.

One person wrote: “I was thinking about that too. What’s the point of taking a poll to see what outfit to wear if she chooses the least voted?

Others pointed out that since posts and engagement are a big part of her career, Arnold probably asked for engagement on the posts to increase her count.

“I don’t see the problem … I do the same with my friends or my family,” one person said of Arnold’s question about what outfit to wear. “I’ll ask just to know which one I want to wear…regardless of the answer.”

Some people were upset with Arnold over a TikTok video and Instagram post she made about flying without a mask.

“First time I’ve flown without a mask, the mandate was lifted and it feels great!” she wrote, as seen in a screenshot posted to Reddit. “Will be nice if we fly with Sage tomorrow because she would literally rip us off the whole flight lol.”

She also posted on TikTok, writing, “First time flying without a mask in over 2 years, sipping my iced chai with ease and smiling at everyone I can.”

Some followers who saw the photo and video called Arnold “tone deaf,” and others called the video and photo insensitive.

In the Reddit post over the photo, one fan wrote: “Well great for them but I haven’t flown in almost four years and when I fly next month I will still be wearing a mask due to the fact that I’m immunocompromised.” am.”

Another commented, “She has done the bare minimum regarding COVID protocols throughout the pandemic.”

Others were annoyed with TikTok.

“Did she have to post a tiktok too? Isn’t that extremely deaf?” the post reads.

In December 2021, some fans were upset with Arnold for her holiday posts, and in October 2021, some fans were upset with her behavior at restaurants alongside her daughter and family. Others were upset in early 2021 after she announced a fitness line.

Dancing With the Stars returns to a new home in Fall 2022. The show will now air live exclusively on Disney+ instead of ABC.

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