Sunday, June 26, 2022

Fans blast the ‘Bachelorette’ winner on dealing with ‘Double Whammy’ with kids

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A popular former The Bachelorette contestant is dealing with a difficult situation at home while also being torn by some fans over his handling of the situation. JP Rosenbaum earned Ashley Hebert’s final rose when her 2011 season aired, and the two married in December 2012, Us Weekly noted. They had two children, Fordham and Essex, but Rosenbaum and Hebert announced their split in October 2020. Now, while Rosenbaum has Ford and Essie in his Miami, Florida apartment for a while, he has discovered they are suffering from a dreaded disease. What’s more, he took them somewhere to play while working on his laptop, and his choice didn’t seem to please a fair number of his followers.

Here’s what you need to know:

On June 21, Rosenbaum shared the bad news via his Instagram Stories. “Never a dull day with these two (sigh). #doublewhammy,” he captioned a photo showing two positive COVID-19 rapid home tests. The revelation was that both Ford and Essie had just tested positive for COVID, and The Bachelorette star was clearly not thrilled to hear about the positive test results.

Rosenbaum’s next Instagram story was posted about 18 hours later. It showed his toes and the top of a laptop while he sat on a lounge chair watching his kids. “Today’s office,” he wrote, and the short video showed Ford and Essie playing in the pool in front of him. The kids splashed and played with water guns, seemingly the only two people in the water. Rosenbaum also panned the camera around a bit to show that there were a few others in the pool area of ​​the complex where he lives, but it wasn’t crowded.

Apparently, Rosenbaum quickly received messages from followers after posting the pool video. With a rather sarcastic tone in his voice, he said, “So for those of you who are SO concerned about public safety… yes, the kids have COVID. Yes, we’re by our building’s pool where there’s practically no one around.” He added, “The kids are comfortable and wanting to get out, and it seemed like the perfect spot. We’re not spreading it.” He “thanked” everyone for their concern and posted a poll on his next Instagram story asking “Can you reason with stupidity?”

Shortly after, Rosenbaum shared a few slides with Ford and Essie playing with a giant chess set that appeared to be on a rooftop balcony at his complex. “I really hope the chess pieces don’t get Covid,” he noted, adding, “Please be warned…no chess pieces were damaged during the making of this video.” A thread quickly arose on Reddit about the situation, and people seemed quite like-minded in their answers.

“That’s selfish and cheeky of him,” one person remarked.

Another remarked: “Technically they should stay isolated but hey he must know better.”

“I don’t actually see the point of someone doing quick tests at home to confirm COVID when they’re doing nothing but the average common cold,” wrote another.

“I’ve always loved JP but that’s a big no for me,” explained another poster.

Some Redditors noted that the family was in an uncrowded outdoor area and it could have been worse for endangering others. Overall, though, those who posted comments on the thread seemed to agree that they didn’t like the way Rosenbaum had handled it.

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