Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Fans blast Britney Spears’ EVIL dad after lawyer claims he’s taken to unsealing her medical records

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“What kind of father is that? God this man is so gross,” said a Britney Spears fan, slamming Jamie Spears

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Even after Britney Spears breaks free from her conservatory and tries to enjoy her post-marital bliss with husband Sam Asghari, it seems controversy can’t leave her alone. Britney’s lawyer has revealed in a new court filing that her father, Jamie Spears, is attempting to reveal all of her confidential medical records to “get revenge”.

The pop star’s attorney, Mathew Rosengart, has argued in a new filing that 70-year-old Jamie has “sunk to a new low” in yet another “regrettable — and vile — attempt to bully, molest and intimidate his own daughter.” ” be. According to a report by Page Six.


On July 22, Jamie’s attorney, Alex Weingarten, attempted to place his argument in a motion that 40-year-old Britney should be formally dismissed in court, and also included some of the Grammy winner’s previously unsealed medical records as exhibits to keep her public close. Weingarten, in his quote to Page Six, told Page Six: “There is no part of this that aims to release records to the public. There is a procedure that you must follow in order to submit documents under the seal of the court and that is the procedure that we have followed. What would happen if we ever got the affidavit and if there ever was legitimately confidential information, it would be protected from the public.”

Although Weingarten claimed his filing was a routine procedure, Rosengart immediately pointed out that the date of filing by Jamie’s attorneys was a clear indication of the Spears patriarch’s heinous and self-serving motives behind the move. For those unaware, Rosengart had said in his petition challenging Weingarten’s claims, “Until then, Mr. Spears was aware and well aware that this court had entered an interim order denying his application on July 13, 2022.” good good that this court would resolve the issue of Ms. Spears’ deposition on July 27, 2022.”

In addition, he added: “Consequently, Mr. Spears can have no other purpose in attempting to make the conditionally sealed materials public than to undertake his alleged ‘vindication’ and plots of revenge against his own daughter. It’s embarrassing.”

As soon as fans saw this news, they lashed out at Jamie’s dad. “He can’t. It’s against the law. #slander,” said one fan. “Your dad is evil!” said another fan. “Why is making people’s medical records vulnerable to public scrutiny and a tool for blackmail/intimidation even on the table?? ?? All medical records should be private by default!” added another fan. “What kind of father is that? God this man is so disgusting,” one fan remarked. “It’s literally nobody’s business. and still if they were phased out i would blame her for 13 years of mental torture… and god knows how long she will recover from that,” shared one fan. “I don’t think Jamie Spears and the others realize… They could disclose absolutely anything, and still that doesn’t entitle anyone to their autonomy unless it’s an imminent danger to themselves or others.” They just want to air their dirty laundry and they’re gross for it,” said one fan.

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