Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Fans are reacting to Beau Clark’s new Stassi Schroeder-inspired tattoo

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Former “Vanderpump Rules” star Stassi Schroeder married her husband Beau Clark in 2020. The couple share a daughter named Hartford, who was born in January 2021. They have two new tattoos in honor of Schroeder and Hartford. The picture showed that he had the letter “s” and a black circle tattooed on his left ring finger. His other tattoo is the letter “h” on his right ring finger.

In the post’s caption, he explained that the black circle was meant to represent a black hole.

“[A] Blackhole when Stassi asks how much I love her #cheesy,” read the caption.

A Reddit user shared a screenshot of the image on the Vanderpump Rules subreddit.

“How do we feel about that? 🥴,” reads the caption of the Reddit post.

Several Bravo fans took advantage of the post’s comments section to share their thoughts on the matter.

“I feel like I would have picked a black filled in heart instead of a mole but it’s sentimental for him so whatever,” wrote one commenter.

“Not a fan of the black dot, mostly because it looks like a mole,” added another.

“The thought behind it is actually very cute but the font gives me 2010 hipster,” shared another person.

“I feel bad for saying that because I have nothing against the guy… but Beau has the assholes of every man I’ve seen on Bravo shows 😂 These tattoos are certainly no exception,” commented a third Reddit- User.

“I hate it. The vibe is cute but this is the weirdest placement ever and the tattoos kinda gives me the vibe of a girl in high school poking herself,” shared another.

“I like the idea, but he didn’t make it. Stupid writing ruins it, plus he must’ve covered something with the black hole,” commented one social media user.

“That’s terrible,” a seventh person interjected.

Some commenters also pointed out that Schroeder’s ex-boyfriend and former co-star Jax Taylor had her name tattooed on his bicep.

“I think Jax’s Stassi tattoo showed more devotion 😂,” claimed one commenter.

“I mean, how do you overtake Jax? lol The placement is terrible but at least it’s thoughtful and not something he’d ever need to cover,” shared a Vanderpump Rules viewer.

Corresponding page six, Schroeder’s Bravo career ended due to criticism she received “for calling the police about Faith Stowers, the only black cast member to appear in 2018’s ‘Vanderpump Rules'”. During an April 2022 episode of the Morning Toast podcast, the former Vanderpump Rules star shared that if she hadn’t been pregnant with Hartford, she “would probably have gone into a spiral” after being fired. She also noted that she was focusing her attention on writing her second book, Off With Her Head.

“Being pregnant has really kept me like having a goal – like writing this book in her nursery while I’m pregnant, imagining what that child will be like, like, what I want her to know, what I want her to learn about that was so soothing and calming,” said Schroeder.

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