Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Fans are defending Tim Allen after a clip surfaced of him showing ‘Home Improvement’ co-star Patricia Richardson

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Tim Allen, 69, appeared to flash his co-star Patricia Richardson, who played the role of his wife, in a resurfaced clip in Home Improvement, after denying Pamela Anderson did the same just days earlier.

The blooper reel features Allen raising his kilt in front of his on-screen wife, Richardson, while the live studio audience is in attendance. Richardson can be seen in the clip laughing at the incident. Interestingly, Anderson claimed to have had a similar reaction to the lightning incident. The video puts Allen in a difficult position, as just days ago he denied Anderson’s claim that he flashed her on the set of Home Improvement, saying, “I would never do that.”


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“He was wearing boxer shorts!”

In the clip, Allen can be seen in a kilt while Richardson jokingly says, “Hangs long, I just wish it was shorter.” Allen is then seen lifting the kilt high enough for Richardson to see what’s underneath, and the live studio audience laughs dramatically.

The internet has been divided by Allen’s actions and some people support the actor while others criticize him. One Reddit user said: “This is just funny and good comedy. Knowing the relationship with his co-stars. I don’t think she thinks it’s sexual harassment.” Another user said, “If you actually read the article, this doesn’t seem like a big deal. He wore boxer shorts underneath and did it in front of a studio audience. Seems pretty tame compared to how it sounds in the caption.” Speaking about the plight of women everywhere, one user said, “This shit happens. So gross. I don’t know a woman who hasn’t had some random guy do that One user pointed out that the clip was shown after the episode aired, saying, “They showed that after the episode. Lol what a shitty clickbait.” Tim Allen has always been a creeper.”

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