Monday, August 8, 2022

Fan urges Farrah Abraham to ‘stop talking and spreading nonsense’

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Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham took to her Instagram page over the weekend to address a hugely controversial topic, and fans had a lot to say about it. The post was a teaser for a video that was due to go live on her YouTube channel on July 25, and it certainly got her followers talking. She got a fair amount of pushback on the post, but it didn’t seem to shake her at all.

Here’s what you need to know:

The July 24 Instagram post included a clip of the video interview Abraham shared on YouTube, along with a story in the caption. The Teen Mom star said the woman who gave her a Brazilian wax over the weekend brought up the recent Supreme Court decision regarding Roe vs. Wade. When the waxer noted that she felt “we just went back 100 years with the decision on women’s rights,” Abraham said she told the waxer, “Sorry, I’m not going to agree with you on that.”

Abraham said she told the Waxer, “The progress of our world and the last decade shows a decrease in abortions and closures of abortion clinics,” after which the Waxer allegedly thanked her client for the information. “I’ve only heard all of this in the press and haven’t looked at what’s really real yet,” the waxer said, according to Abraham. The “Teen Mom” ​​personality added in her caption that she “made the world more informed” with the conversation, noting, “Woman you are more then.” [sic] a press dummy and I welcome growing my Brazilian and talking about politics anytime.

The reality TV star also added a lengthy comment to her post under the caption. She urged people to “look at the data for the past decade before responding,” stating, “All the hateful and ignorant comments from those who believe in abortion prove the case and the point.” She added, she I want people to “bring humanity and emotional intelligence into the conversation.”

It didn’t take long for Teen Mom fans to react to Abraham’s post.

“You are insanely insane. Stop talking and spouting nonsense,” one person replied. This comment received 78 “likes” while Abraham’s first Instagram post only received 240.

“A bunch of words but still nothing said,” explained another reviewer, while another agreed, with commenting, “Those words don’t actually make any sense…. word salad!”

“Fewer abortions because fewer clinics are not positive. Every woman [sic] should have the bottom line option. Let’s hope your daughter doesn’t face anything like this. How quickly you will change your tone,” remarked another.

Some commenters questioned whether the discussion even happened, or at least wondered if the Waxer really had started a conversation about such a hot topic. One person suggested Abraham had read misinformation, and another commented, “Educate yourself and don’t talk about politics as you clearly don’t understand what you’re trying to preach about.”

“I couldn’t imagine being so self-consciously clueless about an issue this important and plastering it over social media,” countered another reviewer. “Girl, nobody knows what point you want to reach. So ridiculous omg,” this person added.

However, Abraham also received some supportive comments. “It’s wonderful that you are actually well informed and not afraid to stand up for the lives of the unborn and have compassion for those who have abortion histories and the trauma they are processing as a result,” one fan wrote. It didn’t seem like it that Abraham addressed the comments on the post, regardless of whether they supported or criticized it.

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