Saturday, June 25, 2022

Ezra Miller’s battle of the sexes rages on as the disgraced actor flashes and disappears

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“It’s just wrong to call Ezra Miller a man. They are non-binary,” it said on social media

Ezra Miller is surrounded by some serious allegations as they reportedly took an 18-year-old girl hostage and fled. Last week, Tokata Iron Eyes’ parents were able to obtain a protective order against the actor. They were accused of using force and other methods of intimidation. Additionally, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Court in North Dakota issued the order last week, but the court cannot locate Miller and therefore cannot serve them the papers.

Tokata’s parents, attorney Chase Iron Eyes and his wife Sarah Jumping Eagle, told the court in a phone interview with the Los Angeles Times that they “have no idea where Tokata and Ezra should get help from other jurisdictions.” The current order will bar the Flash actor from the “Justice League” from contacting Tokata for 30 days and would not be allowed to be within 100 meters of her residence. In addition, the court has scheduled a July 12 hearing at which Miller and Tokata will be able to intervene.


Internet debates about Ezra Miller’s sexuality

Chase continued to tell the Times, “They move so much [that] We’re stuck in this legal limbo and we can’t serve them long enough wherever they are. They were fleeting. They have avoided duty and now public pressure is mounting on them to make a decision, which makes us very concerned about Ezra’s volatile nature. … We are working very hard to ensure that this order is enforced everywhere.” Tokata’s parents claim that Miller influenced and changed their daughter’s decision to come out as non-binary transgender when she previously identified as queer, gay and not had identified. binary.

Miller’s act of disappearance and the allegations it has raised have opened a can of worms. Social media has been shocked by Tokata’s parents’ claims that the actor treated the teenager with alcohol and weed and may have groomed them as well. As stories of Miller’s escapade and the courts’ inability to find her circulate online, people on social media take offense at the fact that reports or comments about the actor misrepresent them. Both Miller, who identifies as queer and non-binary, and Tokata, who identifies as non-binary, use she/her pronouns and are referred to as he and she.

Sexuality is a sensitive topic and a boundary that must be respected. One of these users said: “Calling Ezra Miller a man is just plain wrong. They are not binary. It would be just as wrong to call them a barber even though they are actors. Your moral standing and personal notions of respect don’t matter.” Another user said, “Ezra Miller is a terrible person, yes, but the implications that cis people can pick and choose when using pronouns are bad for others Trans people, because now a cis person can draw the line as to when being trans is valid or not.”

Another user said: “That Ezra Miller is a total dumpster fire of a human gives you no excuse to wrongly gender him. Someone who is a horrible person is no reason to revoke their identity.” Along the same lines, another user wrote, “The fact that Ezra Miller is non-binary in no way contradicts that they are a piece of shit . You have no excuse to misname anyone.”

To maintain the sensitivity that comes with people’s identities, one user wrote, “You can hate Ezra Miller but still people’s pronouns respect the power of being such a jerk, they deserve every shit that comes their way.” Another user, concerned about his community being labeled “groomers,” said, “Honestly, Ezra Miller’s allegations/revelations couldn’t have come at a worse time when trans and nonbinary people are being groomed en masse Honestly, I’m scared of how people are going to arm the one-versus-all actions.”

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