Saturday, June 25, 2022

Ezra Miller hosts 3 kids and their mother, 23, on his gun-and-weed-filled Vermont farm: report

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The children’s father claims guns are left unattended on Ezra Miller’s 96-acre Vermont estate

Ezra Miller has reportedly been home to three children and their 23-year-old mother since mid-April at his Vermont farm, which is filled with drugs and guns, according to a new report. The father of the children, aged between one and five, is now worried about their safety. He has claimed that firearms are left unattended around Miller’s 96-acre property.

The information came in a new exposé released by Rolling Stone, which also claimed that, according to video from April, “at least eight assault weapons, rifles and handguns are lying around the living room, with some weapons propped up next to a pile of stuffed animals.” on Miller’s farm. The father’s claims were supported by two other sources, and one of them recalled how one of the children once picked up a loose ball and put it in his mouth. There is “heavy” marijuana use in the surrounding children and barely adequate ventilation, the sources claimed. The names of the father and mother were not released for security reasons.


The father said Miller met the mother in March on a trip to Hilo, Hawaii. Miller reportedly bought plane tickets for her and the children to visit Vermont. The father said he was unaware his family was making this trip and had not been able to speak to his children since they left. “I have a bad feeling in my stomach,” said the father. “I want to get my kids, they mean the damn world to me.”

However, the mother told the publication that Miller helped her escape from the “violent and abusive” father, allegations the complainant denied. Hawaii court records reportedly show that the mother was pursuing a domestic violence case against the father in 2021. This was dropped after the parents failed to appear in court. Paternity proceedings against the father were stayed last fall because he had not been served. The father has denied all allegations of abuse.

The father also reportedly filed a domestic lawsuit against the mother, which is now pending, for the children’s removal from the state. “[Ezra’s] Home Ranch has been a healing oasis for us,” the mother said. “They may have firearms for self-defense purposes and they are kept in a part of the house that the children never go in… My children are able to feel more relaxed about their recovery because of the safety and care that Ezra has provided for them. ”

The father said he has been trying to get his children back since April. He contacted the State Office for Children and Families and the local police to conduct health checks. Texts exchanged between the father and a social worker revealed they visited the farm on May 16 and the children were “looking good”. The social worker had “more work to do”.

Miller was in the news recently after a 12-year-old child was granted a temporary anti-harassment order against her after the actor molested the non-binary youth and behaved inappropriately towards them in Massachusetts. Miller reportedly approached the child, complimented him, asked her to add her on Instagram and urged her to pursue fashion. The child and her mother said Miller came to them in April and hugged the child, pressing her body tightly against them, which caused them discomfort. On one occasion, the child expressed an interest in horses, leading the actor to say that they would get lots of horses and the child could come to their farm in Vermont and help tend the herd.

These incidents follow another controversy in which teen activist Tokata Iron Eyes’ parents obtained a protective order against Miller. The parents accused the actor of being “cult-like” towards Tokata and of dousing their daughter with alcohol, LSD and marijuana. Tokata met Miller, 29, when she was 12. At the time, Miller, then 23, was visiting her reservation in North Dakota. Tokata’s parents said that Miller and their daughter became friends and that two years later he even flew her to London to visit the Fantastic Beasts studio.

Tokata’s parents have alleged that Miller, who identifies as non-binary and queer and uses the pronouns she/they, provided drugs and alcohol to their underage daughter. They have also claimed Tokata dropped out of school in December after Miller disrupted her private school in Massachusetts. Tokata’s parents said in the lawsuit, “Ezra uses violence, intimidation, threats of violence, fear, paranoia, delusions and drugs to control young Tokata.” The parents claimed they found bruises on Tokata’s body when they went to Miller’s Vermont home in January to pick her up after they got out. They also found that their daughter did not have her driver’s license, car keys, or bank card with her. After being brought back home, Tokata again fled to New York to meet Miller. Since then, the two have traveled to Vermont, Hawaii and Los Angeles together. However, Tokata denied her parents’ claims and Miller was unavailable to anyone, including the court, which could not serve them orders.

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