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Explained at the end of The Umbrella Academy Season 3: Have the Hargreeves siblings lost all their powers?

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In Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy, the Hargreeves siblings find themselves in a special situation

Contains spoilers for Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy.

Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy has finally made its way to Netflix and fans can’t see what’s next for the superhero siblings. In Season 2, the team was able to stop the apocalypse they caused during the first issue and when they thought they could return to the current timeline and enjoy victory, their world turned upside down.

The Umbrellas learn that they have entered a new timeline where everything they knew has changed. Reginald Hargreeves is alive and is now the father of a newly formed team of superheroes called The Sparrow Academy. However, the team gets the shock of their lives when they see that Ben (Justin H Min) is still alive and is now the leader of the Sparrows. The whole situation has now created chaos for everyone and the Umbrellas are now faced with problems of gigantic proportions. Aside from outside threats, the members of the teams also battle their own demons that have evolved under them since the first season.


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The third installment is full of ups and downs and tragic deaths that will leave viewers a little uneasy. However, it’s the Umbrellas who leave something priceless as they set the timeline right, and it leaves them in a direction where they wonder what’s next for them?

See how season 3 of ‘The Umbrella Academy’ ended.

The Season 3 trailers hyped the Sparrows to such an extent that we felt they were a force to be reckoned with. For a while it actually felt like they were more powerful than the Umbrellas, but the buildup didn’t really last long. Most members of Sparrow Academy are killed when the season is halfway through.

The first to be killed is Marcus, who gets sucked into the ball lightning. On the other hand, Harlan brutally kills Jayme and Alphonso. Later in the series, Fei and Christopher, the telekinetic cube, also fall victim to ball lightning.

Reginald Hargreeves shows once again why he can’t be trusted and, as always, puts everyone in danger. We all know that he can put anyone at risk in order to succeed in his motives. In Season 3 we see Reginald kill Luther and prevent Klaus from escaping with the rest of the family. At first everyone thought that these characters are done and nothing could bring them back.

But we have found that Luther and Klaus have ended up in nothing and can’t seem to find a way out. However, when Reginald resets the timeline, it gives Luther and Klaus a little time to escape the void. Taking advantage of the situation, they eventually manage to escape the Void and reunite with the rest of the family.

As always, Reginald didn’t tell anyone about what he was trying to do because if he told everyone about his work it could have resulted in their deaths and no one would want to work with him. So he keeps doing what he does best, sewing a web of lies, using every one of them for his own personal gain. The Umbrellas have always known who Reginald really is, and while he tries harder to make everyone believe he’s changed, he ends up agreeing with them that he’s a bad man.

He creates a machine that will reset the timeline and the entire universe, but like any machine, it needs fuel to function. However, the fuel the machine needs comes from the children, who were taken away from their mothers on October 1, 1989. So he uses Klaus, Five, Viktor, Ben, Lila, Diego and Sloane to run the machine. Interestingly, he stops Allison from going along with it because he only needed seven people for this plan.

As the machine began to work, it was inevitable that all seven members used in the plan would die. However, when we witness the new timeline for the very first time, every member is alive, even Luther comes out of the void alive along with Klaus.

Only one member is nowhere to be seen and that is Sloane. When Allison finds out what Reginald is doing, she kills him and presses the button that resets the timeline. By then, Sloane was alive, but she wasn’t making it with the other members. Does that mean she’s dead? Well, not necessarily. It just suggests that Sloane might have fallen somewhere far away in the same timeline. Even Klaus tells others that she was right behind him, meaning she must have found another way to get out.

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Once the entire timeline is reset, every member of the Umbrella Academy reaches the courtyard where the hotel used to be, and it seems everyone is safe. All their injuries have healed and are all alive. However, everything comes at a price, and they had to pay a heavy price to return to the original timeline. Every single member of the Umbrella Academy has lost their powers.

At the end we see each member going in different directions. Diego and Lila go on a journey together while Klaus is with Luther.

The ending seems to lead us to believe that there is much more to discover in the universe of The Umbrella Academy, and there will surely be another run to come.

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