Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Experts reveal why Amber Heard makes a lot of EYE CONTACT with the judges

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Many viewers found Heard’s behavior “weird,” while others felt she appeared both “stressed and anxious.”

The high-profile libel case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has resumed after a week’s hiatus and viewers are back to dissecting everything that’s going on in the courtroom. Tuesday, May 17, marked Heard’s final day of testimony, which included intense cross-examination by Depp’s attorney, Camille Vasquez.

But during the barbecue, viewers noticed how closely Heard looked at the judges — every time Vasquez asked a question, Heard looked at the judges and gave them an answer. Many people found this “weird,” while others felt she seemed both “stressed out and anxious.”

“Camille asks a question and Amber Heard answers it by looking at the judges. each. separate. times,” one person wrote on Twitter.

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While individuals have made their own judgments, experts believe it could be a method for Heard to “humanize” himself. Expert Judi James said Heard may be staring at the jury to create an “emotional bond” with panel members. “The effect would be to become more ‘human’ to the jury, rather than isolating yourself as a celebrity that you’ve probably heard negative comments about,” James told the Daily Mail.

Ever since Depp and Heard boarded the stand, onlookers have been watching their every move. Heard’s decision to look at the judges as they respond to questions put to her is one of the numerous topics being discussed on social media.

Fans closely following the case noticed that Heard would frequently stare in the direction of the jury as she discussed her encounter with Depp. When the cross-examination began, it was no different. However, this action prompted a variety of reactions from viewers, some of which are added below:

“Amber Heard looks at the judges every time she answers instead of answering the person asking the question is… unnerving,” exclaimed one user.

Another user tweeted: “Me as a jury member after the 9,000. #AmberHeard makes eye contact with me! Stop staring at the fucking jury, it doesn’t help!! #DeppVsHeard.”

One user tweeted: “Amber Heard needs to stop looking at the jury when she answers. It’s so creepy like she’s performing. #AmberHeard.”

After Heard’s cross-examination on Tuesday, Heard’s attorney, Elaine Bredehoft, began questioning her client face-to-face again. However, almost every question was interrupted by Depp’s team. Vasquez, who had just finished cross-examining Heard, contradicted almost every one of Bredehoft’s questions. Many objections included hearsay, leading testimony, and lack of basis. Judge Penney Azcarate allowed the majority of the objections.

According to Heard’s testimony, the court also witnessed video testimony from Heard’s girlfriend, iO Tillett Wright, on Tuesday. Heard’s friend Raquel Pennington also began testifying before court was adjourned for the evening.

Viewers can now hear the Pirates of the Caribbean actor’s side of the story as he watches as he is subjected to cross-examination. Heard is suing Depp for defamation over an op-ed she wrote for the Washington Post in 2018.

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