Sunday, December 5, 2021

EXO’s DO begins filming “Secret” after completing “The Moon”

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There is no rest for EXO member Do Kyungsoo aka DO as he begins filming his second film after his discharge from the military

It is a known fact that almost all members of EXO are extremely talented as actors, aside from good-looking musical talent. Sehun, the Maknae from EXO, lived up to this statement in a cameo role after his bubbly appearance in the fourth episode of the ongoing SBS and Viu-K drama co-production “Now We Are Breaking Up”.

But that’s not all when it comes to the EXO members’ acting projects, because the group’s singing king, Do Kyungsoo (known by his stage name DO), is now the actor every director wants. DO was discharged from the military on January 25th of that year after completing his military service, and soon after was immediately booked and employed. In February 2021, it was announced that DO would star in a remake of a Taiwanese film.


DO starring for ‘Secret’

Perfectly meet the expectations of the makers, as they made specific demands on the role of the main character – a student who plays the piano. According to reports from fans who saw DO’s shooting schedule, it is reported that DO began work on the film as early as November 25th. The movie “Secret” has made a lot of headlines in the last few days, not only for the lead role of EXOs DO in the lead role, but also for the outstanding cast of other actors in the project.

The project will feature actresses Shin Ye-eun and Won Jin-ah as the film’s lead female characters. Shin Ye-eun is known for her appearance in the K-drama “He is Psychometric” next to Jinyoung from GOT7 as well as for the K-drama “More Than Friends” next to the ex-member of Wanna One, Ong Seong -wu. Shin Ye-eun is also reported to star in the upcoming 2021 Disney + K drama “Rookies,” starring Kang Daniel.

The film “Secret” is the official remake of the Taiwanese film “The Secret That Cannot Be Told” from 2007. The film is a fantasy romance story that begins with a transfer student who is a brilliant pianist , meets a girl who is playing mysterious music in an old practice room. According to a source in the film, it was revealed that due to her immense popularity after the K-drama “He is Psychometric,” Shin Ye-eun’s screen time in the film was greatly extended in its Korean adaptation.

The movie “Secret” will also feature Won Jin-ah as a second female lead. Won Jin-ah has appeared in many K-dramas since her debut in 2015, but starred in the popular JTBC drama “She Would Never Know” (aka “Senior Don’t Put on Lipstick”) alongside the idol and See actors from SF9 Rowoon and the recent Netflix horror fantasy series ‘Hellbound’.

DO has been busy since he finished his military service. It was previously announced that DO has been shooting for the true story-based film ‘The Moon’ since June 2021, while promoting his solo album ‘Empathy’ with the released lead single ‘Rose’ in July.

The ‘The Moon’ film crew announced that filming for the film officially closed on October 12th. Fans were delighted to see DO’s ‘actor’ personality in the photos teased from the film while displaying ‘Astronaut Kyungsoo’. on Twitter in no time. Less than a month after filming ‘The Moon’, DO is now shooting ‘Secret’ with Shin Ye-eun and Won Jin-ah without taking a break. It looks like he will soon make up for the lost time.

Kyungsoo is fully booked and busy

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