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Everything Constance Wu wrote about Fresh Off the Boat in her memoir

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From the hit sitcom degrees off the boat to the blockbuster film Crazy rich Asians, Constance Wu has done everything. The actor even wrote a book.

Wu’s memoir of 2022, make a scenedescribes her rise to stardom and the public backlash she faced after making comments degrees off the boat.

Wu worked as an actress for almost a decade before finally playing the role that made her a household name: matriarch Jessica Huang on ABCs degrees off the boat. A starring role on a major network sitcom should have been a dream come true. However, Wu admitted that she was a little apprehensive about taking on the role.

“When I got the role I felt a mixture of happiness and insecurity,” the actress wrote, according to Buzzfeed. your concerns? Wu considered her more of a “dramatic actress” and worried about taking on a comedic lead. She also didn’t like that Jessica was supposed to be 10 years older than Wu. The actor called it “a slap at my vanity.”

She took part in the role, and the show’s success resulted in nominations for Critics’ Choice and Gold Derby TV Awards. Wu was eventually recognized as a major talent in Hollywood. But the actress revealed in her book that she experienced many struggles.

Wu revealed that in the first season of degrees off the boat, a producer she referred to as “M,” harassed her. He tried to direct her career and attacked her. M pressured her to fire her agent and audition for comedic films like Baywatch instead of the dramatic roles she wanted.

M also demanded to know things about her private life. After begging Wu to show him a photo of her boyfriend, M told her to break up with the “chubby” guy. One night he called Wu and asked her to come to a Lakers game with him. She claims he inappropriately touched her over her shorts.

Wu hit the gas at the end of filming the first season. She stopped letting him influence her personal and professional life. When she opposed M, he allegedly told her she was “insulting the entire AAPI community with her behavior.”

The actress didn’t want to discuss M’s behavior publicly because she was afraid of “staining”.[ing]” degrees off the boatReputation as an example of a positive portrayal of Asian Americans.

The show was expected to be canceled by the end of 2020 degrees off the boat‘s fifth season – something Wu was excited about. “I was looking forward to a fresh start in a place where there weren’t as many reminders of harassment and intimidation,” she wrote.

However, the show was renewed for another season. Wu felt betrayed by the showrunners, writing it felt “like they lied to me.” The actress took to social media to express her displeasure and the backlash was immediate.

“I became a headline, a meme, a springboard for righteous opinions,” Wu wrote. “An ungrateful girl making a scene.” The public criticism was so overwhelming that Wu even attempted suicide. A friend found her and took her to the hospital.

Wu is still working regularly and has been involved in big projects like 2019 hustlersthe children’s film hit Lyle, Lyle, crocodileand HBO’s Velma.

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