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Ethan Hawke once joked he couldn’t believe Jude Law was straight when they met: ‘He’s so beautiful’

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Actor Ethan Hawke once hooked up with him Captain Marvel Star Jude Law in a popular science fiction film. After that, Hawke had nothing but high praise for Law, who he felt might be a little too good-looking.

Some viewers may have been introduced to the law in the 1997 film Gattaca. But Law had acted before, honing his craft with theater work. However, acting was where Law expected his career to end.

This changed when he landed in film in 1994 Shopping alongside his ex-wife and mother of his children, Sadie Frost. Still, Law didn’t think Shopping responsible for his film career. That honor went to Gattaca.

“I got into acting to be in theater because south-east London movies didn’t seem realistic to me,” Law once said in an interview with Games Radar. “So auditioning for a movie and then being in a movie was an incredible thrill. Shopping was a sharp learning curve. It ended up not being a film I wanted to be in. I didn’t think about it as a young man – I was just glad to be asked. But it sent me back to the theater for another three years until I did Gattaca.”

law also credited Gattaca for giving him the perspective he needed to act in films.

“There is something very enduring about film. I needed to be sure, and I wasn’t sure until I read Gattaca. I fought and fought to get an audition and get the part because I thought it was an amazing, original piece of writing. I still think the film is amazing and timeless,” Law said.

Many have praised Law for both his physical attributes and his acting skills. In 2004, People magazine concurred that Law was the sexiest man alive at the time. Even Law’s co-stars were often struck by his looks.

laws Gattaca Castmate Ethan Hawke once recalled what it was like working with Law when he was young. Not only was Hawke impressed with Law’s performance, Hawke joked that he couldn’t believe how good Law looked.

“I think Jude is the right thing. It’s just electric, man. He is so beautiful. It’s strange being with such a beauty. I just couldn’t believe he was straight,” Hawke once said in an interview with The Guardian.

Law was considered one of the most attractive actors in Hollywood for most of his career. But as he got older, roles that didn’t focus on his looks found him. This was a welcome change for Law. The talented Mr Ripley The actor wanted to be recognized more for his talent than his looks.

“In a weird way, it’s a kind of relief to think, ‘Oh, I know, I’m not such a young, pretty thing anymore,'” he once said in an interview with The New York Times. “It’s quite nice to talk about what it was like to be the young pretty thing instead of being it.”

For Law, being older meant being in the kind of quality films he’s always wanted to be in.

“You get to be an actor, and the roles you get are more interesting,” Law added.

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