Saturday, June 25, 2022

End of time EastEnders shock as the main star leaves the soap – with the character gone forever

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EASTENDERS fans are shocked to see Nancy Carter leaving after actress Maddy Hill left the soap.

The personal trainer decided to flee Walford for a new life in Manchester after her boyfriend Zack Hudson cheated on her.

Nancy also struggles with her mother Linda’s alcoholism.

In tonight’s episode, she revealed she was leaving Walford for good after securing a new job at a gym with her brother Johnny’s boyfriend in Manchester.

While grandmother Shirley was too devastated to say goodbye, Nancy’s father Mick and sister Frankie crowded around to wave at her.

She got into the taxi in tears when she saw her mother watching from across the seat with baby Annie.

The exit came as a shock to fans – actress Maddy only returned to the show last year.

One viewer tweeted: “Well that was a surprise I didn’t think Nancy would actually go again. #EastEnders.”

A second added: “Is this the last we see of Nancy!! #EastEnders.”

While a third commented: “#EastEnders So…Nancy was only back for a year and two months? Well, that was a pointless return, wasn’t it? 🙄🙄.”

But the Sun can confirm it’s a definitive exit for the character.

Actress Maddy told The Sun: “It was great to revisit Nancy and the Square last year but felt like now was the right time to move on.

“I already miss everyone and am so grateful to be working with people I love so much.”

An EastEnders spokeswoman added: “We wish Maddy all the best in the future.”

Her on-screen dad Danny Dyer is set to leave the soap this Christmas in an explosive storyline.

And The Sun revealed earlier this month how actress Dannielle Harold was devastated by the news that she was being axed.

We’ve also confirmed that four more actors are leaving the series – Ricky Champ is leaving the series after playing Stuart Highway for four years.

He is joined by Dayle Hudson, who has played Ian Beale’s son Peter since 2020.

Dana Monroe actress Barbara Smith will also be walking alongside Jada Lennox star Kelsey Calladine-Smith.

A source said: “Whenever a new boss comes in there will always be big changes and it’s no different with Chris.

“He’s been working hard behind the scenes since January and really plans to shake things up, which means saying goodbye to some characters.

“It’s not personal to any of the cast, it’s just a creative choice – for big storylines to happen you have to say goodbye, folks, that’s the nature of soap.

“Chris has some really big stories planned and viewers will see his stuff air over the summer.

“He’s very keen on bringing the show back to its roots and rebuilding the Clans with some big, explosive, long-running stories. It’s an exciting time to be on the show.”

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