Saturday, January 14, 2023

Emmy Rossum was “devastated” not to get a role in a failed superhero reboot

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Emmy Rossum is known as a performer. From her early work in The Phantom of the Opera to her popular role in shameless, she has range. She has even released albums and added the title of director to her resume in recent years. While Rossum has appeared in a number of high-profile films, there are a few roles she’s missed over the years. Most notably, Rossum once revealed that she was “devastated” at not getting a role in 2015 Fantastic Four reboot.

Rossum was in the early 2000s with roles in films such as Song catcher, geniusand nola. Her big break came in the 2003 film mystical flowwhich she followed with a role in the action film The day after tomorrow. According to IMDb, Rossum received critical acclaim for her role as Christine in the 2004 film adaptation The Phantom of the Opera.

In the early 2000s, Rossum continued to work in a variety of genres, from romance to drama. By 2015, she was keen to continue expanding her range and tried her hand at Sue Storm in the Fantastic Four reboot. She didn’t get the part, and actress Kate Mara snagged the coveted part. According to BuzzFeed, Rossum was “devastated” at not getting the part and revealed there was a hiatus with her audition. “I just didn’t get drawn into this character at all,” she shared. “I didn’t get the dialogue, I couldn’t sell it, I just thought, ‘I don’t know what to do with my lines.'”

BuzzFeed notes that several other actors have tried for the role of Sue Storm, only to be disappointed. According to reports, then-rising Australian actress Margot Robbie wanted the role but “didn’t really go along with the script.” With Mara playing Sue, Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm/Human Torch and Miles Teller as Reed Richards/Mister Fantastic, expectations were high for the film – especially after its disappointing performance in the early 2000s Fantastic Four movies.

Unfortunately the 2015 Fantastic Four Film bombed, plans for a sequel canceled without further ado. Currently, the 2015 film has a 9% critical rating and an 18% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s safe to say that none of the actors who auditioned for the film were too upset after its release.

Leaders are not ready to give up Fantastic Four franchise not yet. Fans have long clamored for a hit film that explores the meaning of these fabled comic book characters. And in 2025, they might get just that. In May 2021, Marvel teased a Fantastic Four Movie. After a few months, more information came out, along with a February 2025 release date.

So far, the only possible cast member for the upcoming reboot is John Krasinski as Reed Richards. But it seems likely that as the film’s development continues, fans will learn more about other featured members of the cast. According to Screen Rant, this reboot could be the film fans want as it will be part of Marvel’s Phase Six and will feature a more action-oriented story that doesn’t explore the origins of the four.

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