Saturday, June 25, 2022

Ekin-Su brings some much-needed drama to Love Island

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At some point in each series of island of love, A contestant will cheekily point out that this show is about finding romance, not friendship. I imagine that “Friend Island,” the alternative reality TV show they’re referring to, would actually be pretty funny. But when new girls Afia and Ekin-Su arrive at the mansion, just four days into this year’s series, they make it clear that the friendship is dead. “Sorry, I’m not here to find seasonal girlfriends, I’m here to find the love of my life,” says Ekin-Su. The other girls, it’s safe to say, are confused.

First, both girls go on a date with Liam, chosen by the public I assume, partly because they like him and partly to annoy Gemma. There’s something incredibly endearing about the himbo king of this series, especially when Afia tells him she’s from south-east London and he replies, “Is that like Chelsea?” He clearly has a better connection to both girls than he does to Gemma, who is in the villa has a bone-dry conversation with Davide.

The trio return, Liam lying between them, beaming from ear to ear. Indiyah immediately downs her drink (a girl of my own heart) while the boys stare at the newbies in amazement. They are asked to list their “Top 3” (the “guy on paper” of this series) and both girls choose Andrew. Afia has her eye on Ikenna, who Indiyah later admits feels territorial.

Ekin-Su, on the other hand, likes both Davide and Luca. You can see Gemma’s hackles stand up and she cooks even more as Ekin-Su patronizes her by saying Gemma could be her little sister. The age thing is obviously becoming as important to the dressage rider as it is to the public, leading her and Davide to reassure each other that they usually date older/younger again. Despite this, Ekin-Su is unimpressed. “I don’t think a 19-year-old is your competition,” Afia tells her. Oof!

The drama Ekin-Su brought to the mansion is badly needed – but my goodness, does it have to be so banging? She blows kisses to the boys in the dark and describes herself as “wife material”. In a traumatic moment, she pulls on a bizarre “Somerset” “accent” and sings it SpongeBob SquarePants Theme song while flirting with Andrew. He ignores it while I draft a formal complaint to Ofcom on behalf of my compatriots in the West.

Things culminate in a game of beer pong that brings with it some surprising revelations. Andrew and Paige are asked to make out with whoever they see as girlfriend/boyfriend material, and although they seem happy in their current couples, they lash out. Luca then pulls Gemma in for a chat and says that he would like to meet her too. The ball is once again in Gemma’s hands. Or is that bad luck?

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