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‘DWTS’ Season 31: Gleb Savchenko says it’s ‘an honor’ to ‘make history’ with drag queen Shangela.

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Shangela is the first-ever drag queen to compete on the American edition of “DWTS,” and Gleb is only the second professional to dance with the same sex partner

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Professional dancer Gleb Savchenko of “Dancing With the Stars” makes history in Season 31 by becoming part of the first same-sex male duet – with a twist because his partner is legendary drag queen Shangela. The pair are excited about what their historic collaboration will bring to the show – and the world.

Shangela will most likely be dressed in drag. In any case, there is a group of fans who are upset by the casting choice. Some ‘DWTS’ fans are unhappy with the pairing, vowing not to watch and accusing ABC of casting a male same-sex duo – despite the show now streaming on Disney+. “I’m not going to pay Disney, not for the money, but I don’t like that they’re an ‘awakened’ company now. Their ethics, morals and politics have totally changed. Walt would turn in his grave. Walt would be rolling in his grave,” one Facebook user noted. “Shame on you ABC! Kids watch this show!!! Not anymore!” wrote another.


Gleb Savchenko explained why he feels privileged to go down in history with Shangela

Despite this, many fans claim that they only tune in for Shangela. Shangela, a three-time RuPaul’s Drag Race competitor and regular guest star on the show, brings with her a large following, some of whom are seeing “DWTS” for the first time because of Shangela. One fan on Twitter wrote: “The way I’ve avoided this now lame show for YEARS and Shangela is gonna pull me back in. *Head Desk* #DWTS.” Another tweet read, “I don’t even watch #DWTS but yours tells me you’re a tiktok girl, a tiktok girl’s mom, a bachelorette, no air, let’s make a deal and mf Shangela in the same season?”

At the Tyra Banks Posing Party at ModelLand, Gleb Savchenko and Shangela teased E! News that they were ready to make history. The story-making moments don’t stop with Shangela becoming the first-ever drag queen to compete on the American edition of “DWTS,” as Gleb is only the second pro to dance with a same-sex partner in Season 1, following Jenna Johnson’s appearance on JoJo Siwa 30. Gleb also spoke to E! News how proud he is to be collaborating with Shangela to make history. “I’ve never danced with a male partner before, and it’s definitely different, but in a good way,” he noted. “I’m actually enjoying our rehearsals, a lot more than I’ve enjoyed rehearsing in previous seasons.” He said: “We’ve never had anyone like Shangela. So it’s going to be extra, extra, extra special. Shangela isn’t quite glamorous in the rehearsal room yet, so this change in the ballroom will see his overall package pretty great.”

Additionally, Gleb praised Shangela, describing her as “super hardworking” and “a lot of fun.” Though Shangela has never danced in a ballroom before, Gleb is still excited, saying, “It’s just going to be so much fun.”

Gleb previously told Good Morning America after the cast announcement, “We’re changing the world and I love it. It’s all about positive energy, it’s all about love, and we’re just going to have a lot of fun, learn to tango, learn all the dance steps.” For Shangela, however, appearing on the show is all about visibility.

“I’m the first person ever in the history of the show to be able to compete in drag-on Dancing with the Stars here,” he said, “so I’m hoping we can show people that this is what it’s all about.” heart and soul of who you are as a person. It doesn’t matter if two men dance together, if a man or a drag entertainer like me dance together. It’s about the spirit of dancing and having fun and being able to connect and learn more about other people’s worlds.” Additionally, Gleb expressed his feelings about working with the drag queen and co-host of We’re Here.” “I was like, ‘Sign me up. I’m going to live my best life.'”

Shangela, who placed fourth in Season 3 of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, is also over the moon. He remarked, “My jaw was literally on the floor. To be on Dancing with the Stars and grow up and just always love the dance and now have this amazing platform to compete and do something, I’m living my best life. like Gleb.”

When Dancing With the Stars airs live on Disney+ on September 19, fans will be able to witness the duo enchant the dance floor.

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