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DWTS’ Peta Murgatroyd suffered a miscarriage while husband Maks was in Ukraine

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Dancing With the Stars pro dancer Peta Murgatroyd has spoken openly about her struggles with fertility, including a miscarriage, while her husband and fellow professional dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy was in Ukraine.

She told People in a June 21 interview that she actually had three miscarriages in the past two years. Here’s what Peta and Maks told the magazine:

In October 2021, Maks was in Ukraine working as a judge on the Ukrainian version of “Dancing With the Stars”. Peta had to call him from the hospital after calling an ambulance when she found herself on the floor of her son Shai’s room unable to move after testing positive for COVID.

When the doctor came into the room to speak to her, he informed her that she had been pregnant but had lost the baby.

“I thought he was going to reveal some really bad news. I thought, ‘What’s going on?’ His face drooped. He said, ‘Did you know you were pregnant?'” Peta said, adding that it ended up being easier to deal with because she didn’t know she was pregnant. But it was still her third miscarriage in the past two years.

“Don’t be there [with her]… it’s crazy. You feel helpless,” said Maks.

Peta also told People about her first miscarriage, which happened in a Whole Foods bathroom. She just sat there and cried and called Maks, who said that moment was “as dark as it gets.”

“I think the darkest part is when the person you’re in love with calls you and they say they miscarried in the bathroom, that’s as dark as it gets,” the dancer said.

Peta added that she was “ashamed” and “embarrassed” about having a miscarriage because she’s always taken pride in her health and well-being, but then she finally realized that sometimes miscarriages have nothing to do with it.

Maks agreed, saying that the miscarriages made him a “changed man” and that if people looked around, “they would find most of it.” [their] friends had problems” like this one.

“I realized that this is more common and not talked about,” Maks said.

Peta said a doctor eventually diagnosed her with PCOS, or polycystic ovary syndrome, which the Mayo Clinic website says is a “hormonal disorder” and some of the complications it can lead to include infertility, miscarriage and premature birth.

“They can never say this is 100 percent the problem, but they believe I have PCOS, which was a shock to me,” revealed Peta. “I don’t have any cysts on my ovaries at all, but I do have hormonal imbalances that mean the eggs may not be mature enough before they are released.”

She kept saying that after she had a diagnosis, she was actually pretty happy, which she knows “sounds weird,” but now she had answers.

“I had answers. I had everything I needed to move forward and make some really big decisions for my family now,” Peta said. “Will I keep trying naturally or will I go straight to IVF and I chose the latter?”

After the PCOS diagnosis, Peta said they didn’t want to waste any more time, so they went straight to IVF.

“Through my discussions with my IVF doctor I could have definitely gone ahead and kept trying to have a healthy natural pregnancy for the next few years and chances are I got that because my egg count is good and it is many are things that are fine, but ultimately i knew within myself that i wouldn’t be happy to wait a few more years and you know what if that didn’t work out? Then I wasted two years trying to get it working again when I finally knew something was wrong,” Peta said.

She revealed that she takes medication, does “all the injections” and “keeps track of things.” [her] follicles” and “so far, so good”.

“Things are looking very, very promising so far,” said Peta, adding, “Honestly I feel in such a better place because right now I honestly don’t feel like I’m scared because I feel to have answers. Before it was all the anxiety and stress… and now I have no other words but ‘hope’ and positivity and fingers crossed and everything that this will work.”

She also admitted that the pressure of social media was really getting to her because she was constantly being asked things like “when are you going to get pregnant” and “don’t you want to?” [a sibling] for Shai?”

She said that one comment in particular along the lines of “how could you not” really “threw up.” [her] From the edge.”

“I thought, ‘If you only knew what’s actually going on with my family, you would never say that,'” Peta said. In fact, in an April 2022 Instagram Story, Peta was asked about baby #2 with fans and she remained optimistic, which is pretty remarkable in hindsight.

“Gosh, I hope so. Please pray for me, cross your fingers and toes, let’s do this!” Peta said at the time.

In a second Q&A Instagram Story, she said again that they try, but it can be really difficult.

“You guys are all asking me when I’m going to get pregnant,” Peta said, writing of the story, “The whole process can be super difficult and challenging! We are so ready to expand our family!!!”

In the People interview, she also said that telling her story allowed her to finally breathe again after bottling everything for so long.

“I feel like I can breathe now. I feel like I don’t carry this huge burden and his trauma backpack and I can share this secret and let everyone know and that’s exactly what I wanted to do with it [interview]’ the dancer said, adding, ‘I feel like I’m taking the liberty of telling my story to help even a person who might be a little ashamed, a little embarrassed about their situation, I have that Feeling like this has done its job, you know?”

Dancing With the Stars returns to Disney Plus in Fall 2022 for its 31st season.

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