Sunday, October 17, 2021

DWTS fans demand a revision of the vote and accuse Pro Sasha Farber of promoting “fraud”

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Some fans of ABC’s successful ballroom dancing competition, Dancing With the Stars, are calling professional dancer Sasha Farber for sharing an Instagram post encouraging viewers to play the system and vote more often than they should.

The post, shared on Farber’s Instagram Stories and later screened and posted on Reddit, instructs viewers to create multiple ABC accounts with the same email address by adding a “+” and a number right before the Add “@” characters with an email.

Users are only allowed to vote 10 times per couple per voting method according to the ABC rules. That means creating multiple accounts this way is against the rules.

Fans recorded the responses on the Reddit thread to call Farber.

“Fans who do that is one thing – fair game, I think, to exploit any loopholes in your favor. But for a trainer / participant posting this, it kind of makes it official and just starts an escalating war where everyone has to do it now, ”replied one user.

Another said that it wouldn’t matter if the fans did that anyway.

“Someone here mentioned that a producer once said that the system / agency would invalidate votes if they see a huge amount of votes from an IP address. So it can eliminate the “legal” polls as well as that of 20 email addresses, ”they wrote.

Others urged viewers to bring up the problem with ABC.

“Very tacky for professionals promoting scams, especially since many of them have large platforms,” ​​wrote one person. “When the pros or celebrities start doing it, the competition becomes very distorted. Lindsay and Witney, for example, both have over a million followers. JoJo has 11 million followers. Imagine if they were actively teaching their millions of followers how to cheat. Not cool.”

Others commented that they felt the fans’ voices didn’t really matter.

“I think the fan voting is a shame anyway, the producers watch who attracts viewers and tell the judges who to keep / let go,” wrote one.

After Disney Week in the 30th season of “Dancing With the Stars” two couples dropped out. First, Sharna Burgess and partner Brian Austin Green were sent home. Then the two lowest pairs above them (pairs in the penultimate and third from the last) were identified and rescued by the judges. Those couples were Kenya Moore and Brandon Armstrong, and Matt James and Lindsay Arnold.

When two of the judges tried to save James and Arnold and one of Moore and Brandon, fans thought it was for Moore and Brandon; Judge Len Goodman had the final say, however, which meant Moore and Brandon stayed in the competition. A full explanation of the process is written here.

“What’s the point of letting us vote when Len has the last word anyway ???” That wasn’t a tie-breaker! Len had no respect for Matt from the start and it showed up tonight. ” a person tweeted.

The process as a whole confused fans and resulted in some demanding that the voting be stopped altogether or that it was broadly more important.

“Dancing With the Stars” airs Mondays at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time on ABC.

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