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DWTS Champion Donny Osmond shares a rare flashback from before he found fame

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Donny Osmond has been in show business all his life.

In 1963, at the age of 5, the future Dancing with the Stars Season 9 Champion made his famous television debut on The Andy Williams Show alongside his brothers Alan, Wayne, Merrill and Jay Osmond’s barbershop quartet . Little Donny only rose to fame a few years later when he joined the family group, and it wasn’t long before he rose to teenage idol with a solo career in the early 1970s.

Osmond frequently shares nostalgic throwbacks to his early days, but he recently posted a rare picture that was extra special.

In a June 2022 Instagram post, Osmond shared a throwback to him as a young boy with the first press photo he posed for with his brothers. In the picture, the future “Puppy Love” singer was smiling as he held up a black and white photo of him and his older brothers, all dressed in matching shirts.

“This is me holding our first official press photo in 1966,” he captioned the post. “I, my little one, had no idea how much he would achieve in his life!”

Fans reacted to the post, with many commenting on the “lovely” young Osmond.

“What a wonderful, very special and ‘moving’ photo! So happy with all the great success/career this cute ‘little Donny’ is having!” wrote one fan.

“The boy did well,” agreed another.

Another fan pointed out that at this young age, most kids have no idea what their future life achievements will be. And another called out Osmond for patting himself on the back.

“Wow, what a selfish statement. You’ve had a lot of help, Donny. Gosh,” wrote one commenter.

Osmond’s career spans six decades. According to Goldmine magazine, he has released 65 albums, earned 33 gold records and sold over 100 million albums. He previously described his days as a 1970s teen idol as “exhilarating”.

“It was… euphoric to take the stage and all these thousands of girls were screaming your name. What guy wouldn’t want that?” Osmond told Yahoo Entertainment in an interview.

He also scored an ABC variation with his sister Marie in the mid-1970s. A career slump in the 1980s ended with his breakout hit “Soldier of Love,” and Osmond then spread his wings with a five-year Broadway stint in “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” in the 1990s.

In the 2000s, Osmond and his sister managed an 11-year residency at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. According to The New York Daily News, the brother-sister duo performed 1,730 shows during their award-winning residency.

“We won Best Show in Vegas, Best Performers in Vegas, and I personally beat Celine Dion for Best Singer,” Osmond told the Delco Times in 2021. “I tell everyone about it, although it may sound selfish. Man I’m proud of that. I took them down.”

The siblings’ residency ended in November 2019, and in August 2021, Osmond kicked off his first-ever solo residency at Harrah’s Las Vegas.

“It’s kind of interesting because when I was about 6 or 7 years old, my brothers and I were the first act to open Harrah’s in Tahoe,” he told the Las Vegas Sun. “We opened for Phyllis Diller. Here I am again at Harrah’s all these years later, so really, I’m home.”

For all his career successes, Osmond once told Entertainment Weekly that his time on Dancing with the Stars stood out “at the top.” In 2009, at the age of 51, he won season 9 of the celebrity ballroom competition, and more than a decade later, he’s still the show’s oldest mirrorball champion.

“I don’t think I’ve worked harder for any award than this one,” he said on DWTS. “When you’re recording an album and it goes platinum… yes, you’re in the studio and you’re working hard for months, but it’s not like your whole body hurts. You might get a little hoarse and tired. But on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ everything hurts.”

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