Monday, January 23, 2023

DWTS alum secretly became a great-grandmother before burying her only daughter

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Dancing With the Stars Season 6 contestant Priscilla Presley had an emotional few months becoming a great-grandmother while also burying her only daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, whom she shared with her late husband Elvis Presley.

During Lisa Marie’s funeral on Sunday, January 22, it was revealed that Lisa Marie’s daughter and Priscilla’s granddaughter Riley Keough secretly welcomed a baby girl in 2022. The baby is Lisa Marie’s first grandchild and Priscilla’s first great-grandchild.

Here’s what you need to know:

At the memorial service for Lisa Marie Presley, her son-in-law Ben Smith-Petersen stood and read a eulogy written by his wife and Lisa Marie’s daughter, Riley Keough. In the eulogy, Keough spoke about a young daughter who was not publicly known prior to the memorial service.

Smith-Petersen said on behalf of his wife:

A rep for Keough confirmed to People that the couple welcomed a baby girl in 2022, but didn’t elaborate.

For the remainder of the eulogy, Keough spoke about all of the things she fondly remembers about her mother.

“I am infinitely grateful to have spent 33 years with you. I’m sure I chose the best mother in the world… I remember everything. I remember you bathed me when I was a baby. I remember how you cuddled me… I remember all the notes you left in my lunchbox every day. I remember the feeling I had when I saw you picking you up from school…I remember how it felt to be loved by the most loving mother I have ever known. Thank you for showing me that love is the only thing that matters in this life. … Thank you for giving me strength, my heart, my empathy, my courage, my sense of humor, my manners, my temper, my wildness, my tenacity. I’m a product of your heart,” Keough said through her husband.

The eulogy ended with: “I hope you finally know how much you were loved here. Thank you for trying so hard for us. If I haven’t told you every day, thank you.”

Keough and Smith-Petersen both work in the entertainment industry. Keough is an actress and Smith-Petersen is a stuntman. They met on the set of Mad Max: Fury Road and in an essay for Vogue Australia, Keough wrote that Smith-Petersen is her soulmate and she knew it almost immediately.

“We got matching tattoos the third day we were together just for fun without thinking the relationship was going anywhere. We did all these adventures and it was this magical week. He lived in an apartment in an old church with stained glass windows. I stayed with him and the sun came in through this beautiful stained glass. I woke up that morning and I was like, ‘I can’t leave him. I feel like this is something very special.’ And it had only been a week,” Keough wrote.

She continued, “We moved in together after two months and after six months he asked me to marry him and then we got married a year later.”

The two married in February 2015, and seven years later they secretly welcomed a daughter. In the essay, Keough said that her husband is her “best friend” and that she is “excited to see all the different phases [their love] goes through.”

“My husband is such a good person. He is calm and loyal and strong and sensitive. He is my best friend. It’s our ninth year together and we don’t stop talking. Relationships I had before Ben You’ve reached a point where you might not have as much in common with the person as you thought. And we just don’t have that. We’re always talking and always happy to pick up the phone and chat. Love that,” Keough wrote, adding, “At the end of the day there isn’t a side of me that he doesn’t know or love and vice versa.”

She ended the essay by saying, “Love morphs into different things over the years and I’m excited to see all the different phases it goes through. I look forward to waking up and being around our house and drinking our coffee and Ben goes surfing and we just hang out when we’re older. I look forward to having children. Everything is exciting for me, with him. Every day is exciting when you are with your soulmate.”

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