Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Dwayne Johnson buys ALL the Snickers at Hawaii 7-Eleven to fix shoplifting as a teenager

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Dwayne Johnson was also taking the bill of every customer in the store at the time of his surprise visit

HONOLULU, HAWAII: Dwayne Johnson atones for his shoplifting past. The global star took to Instagram on Nov. 28 to share photos and videos from a trip to the Hawaii 7-Eleven, where he shoplifted as a teenager. This time he bought the store’s Snickers stock while also buying the tabs for shocked and awestruck customers.

The former wrestler-turned-actor said in the post’s description that when he was just 14, he would frequently steal a king-size Snickers bar from a 7-11 on his way to the gym was. “The same clerk was there every day and just turned heads and never arrested me,” explained the ‘Black Adam’ star. “I’ve wielded a few big demons over the years (sic). I know this seems VERY STUPID, but every time I come back to Hawaii and drive by at 7-11…I always knew I had to go in and clean out every Snickers bar they had – the right way. “


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He entered the grocery store and shopped for $300 worth of Snickers and other products for customers.

He also gave the employees tips on how to handle the extensive purchase. “Many Thanks. I appreciate you. If anyone looks like they’re stealing Snickers, give them these so they don’t steal them,” he told the clerk at the billing desk. In another post, he shared pictures from his visit to the store with the caption, “After all these years I had to ‘correct’ the wrong thing back home in Hawaii. Steal Snickers + 7-11 = cast out old demons.”

The Hollywood superstar also clicked photos with people near the store who were shocked and excited to see the former wrestler taking a stroll in Hawaii.

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