Tuesday, June 28, 2022

‘DUMMED’ EastEnders star Max Bowden is leaving pregnant ex ‘heartbroken’ after starting a relationship with co-star Shona McGarty

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EASTENDERS star Max Bowden has left his pregnant ex “heartbroken” after she started a relationship with co-star Shona McGarty.

Stunning Roisin Buckle, who is expecting a boy with the actor, was “devastated” to find out he had started a relationship with his co-star, telling a friend: “I feel humiliated and disrespected .”

Yesterday, Roisin, 36, took to social media and proudly shared pictures of her baby bump, but admitted it’s been “a tough couple of weeks”.

We revealed in May that Max, 27, and Shona, who plays Whitney Dean, have become “inseparable” and he was photographed slipping out of their house after spending the night.

Weeks later we pictured her holding hands in front of a kebab cart and at last Saturday’s British Soap Awards Shona, 30, joked: “Who doesn’t love kebab?”

Last night a source told us that insurance manager Roisin, who is due to give birth in August, feels let down by the actor who played Ben Mitchell for three years.

Speaking to The Sun on Sunday, they said: “It’s been awful for Roisin, she feels humiliated and disrespected. She is expecting a baby and although she is a strong woman, she feels very disappointed.

“She never expected Max to move on so quickly. She believed they were taking a break and taking time out of their relationship to work out their differences.

“Having to see him and Shona together was heartbreaking.

“When he was photographed leaving Shona’s house, they had people asking them what was going on; Coworkers asked if everything was okay, which she found incredibly embarrassing.

“He knew the news about his closeness with Shona was getting out.

“And during that time, she didn’t believe he had anything to do with anyone. She’s always been such a private person and now feels like she’s at the center of a real EastEnders conspiracy.”

Max and Roisin met in a pub last summer and went public with their relationship in October.

Weeks later, he gave up his rented flat near the EastEnders set in Elstree, Herts, and moved into Roisin’s £550,000 home in Hertford.

The source said: “Everything was going really well between them. Max called her the love of his life. They had a wonderful Christmas together and talked about starting a family.

“Roisin has always been a career girl and hadn’t really thought about having kids, but she was so in love with Max.

“In early January she found out she was pregnant, she never thought it would be so quick. She was over the moon.”

Max and Roisin only told a handful of close friends and family until the 12-week scan in February.

The source said: “Max took her to the set after the scan to show everyone the pictures. He was so excited to be a father.

“It was the first time Roisin met some of his castmates. They had lunch in the canteen and were very excited about the future as a family of three.”

But cracks began to appear in their relationship and they decided to take some time off to work on their issues.

Max moved out at Roisin’s house in early March, the pretty blonde thought they’d get back together after the break.

The source said: “Roisin was crying a lot and her hormones were everywhere. It was agreed that they would work on their problems and Roisin believed that a break would do them good.

“She felt so tired and ill for those first few months while Max was working long hours at EastEnders.”

But as Roisin got things under control, a close friend had to break her the news that he had become close to Shona, who was single after splitting from her electrician fiancé Ryan Harris.

The source said: “Things have been difficult between them for a number of weeks. They were still talking and Roisin kept him updated on everything to do with their baby.

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