Thursday, December 22, 2022

Drake’s next big project: An avant-garde amusement park with art by Jean-Michel Basquiat and Salvador Dalí

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Grammy-winning rapper Drake has expanded his empire beyond music in recent years. From investing in esports to his latest venture, reviving a popular traveling art exhibition, Drake has shown an interest in bringing many different types of culture to fans, old and new.

Drake’s career success has continued for over a decade since his mainstream breakthrough. In 2022 alone, he has released two albums: his seventh studio album Honestly forget itreleased in June, and your lossa collaborative album with 21 Savage released in November.

In November 2022, Drake announced that he – along with his business and management company, DreamCrew – would embark on a new journey. He learned about Luna Luna, an elaborate amusement park founded in 1987 by Viennese artist André Heller, which has featured works by the likes of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Salvador Dalí and Roy Lichtenstein. But the park collapsed shortly thereafter after logistical and financial problems.

Drake and DreamCrew are investing $100 million in Luna Luna to bring it back to life and distribute it across North America.

It’s certainly an ambitious project, but something Drake is determined to tackle.

“When I first heard about Luna Luna, I was blown away,” the rapper said in a statement. “It’s such a unique and special way to experience art. This is a great idea and opportunity centered around what we love most: bringing people together.”

Making Luna Luna’s dreams a reality will prove to be a challenge, but one that Luna Luna’s new CEO and Drake’s DreamCrew partner Anthony Gonzales believes can be accomplished.

“It’s an undeniable project,” Gonzales said. “I think we’re actually built better than any other resource to make this a reality. We exist in live events, we exist in culture, we understand the art world and we are artist friendly.”

To bring the revamped park to the masses on a global tour, the team behind Luna Luna is partnering with event production giant Live Nation. In the meantime, the curatorial team behind the project is recruiting other artists to create new interactive and rideable pieces. Food and beverages are also a high priority, as are music programming and educational workshops.

As this is Drake, fans will likely want to see his contribution to bringing Luna to a new generation over three decades after its debut. The whole process is being filmed for a documentary; Drake and DreamCrew have produced shows like euphoria and top boy in the past, so it would be her latest screen project.

“Drake did everything at the highest level,” Gonzales said, “and scaling is something he does better than anyone. This is a massive undertaking with huge logistical aspects, tons of moving parts. But it doesn’t seem overwhelming in my head in any way. It’s just like, ‘Let’s go and do it.’”

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