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Drake ‘Honestly, Nevermind’ Fan Review: Rapper’s new dance album is ‘questionable’

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Fans were shocked to learn that Drake’s new album was more of a dance album than hardcore hip-hop

Drake took to the internet on Thursday June 16 after surprising his fans by announcing a new album on Instagram. The Toronto rap icon shared the good news with his 113 million fans and followers via the photo-sharing app, revealing the album’s name – ‘Honestly, Nevermind’. .

Drake’s latest studio work hit the leading streaming platforms on Friday 17th June. The excited and impatient hip-hop fans flocked to the music platforms, only to find another surprise, or rather shock, that the rapper’s new studio project was more of a dance album than usual hip-hop. Many flocked to Twitter to call the 35-year-old rapper’s new venture “extra trash” and “horrible s**t” while calling it “questionable.” Also, the 14-track album featured only one rapper, namely 21 Savage, which further angered listeners.

‘Honestly, Nevermind’: Drake Springs album surprise, trolls say ‘he wants us to forget ‘Certified Lover Boy”

Drake, Kanye West End Beef and Party in Toronto, trolls say it’s ‘planned for clout’

Drake’s new album follows his sixth album, Certified Lover Boy, which was released in September 2021. The Grammy-winning rapper shared his thoughts on his new work while dedicating it to late fashion icon Virgil Abloh. On his Apple Music page for the new album, the ‘Views’ hitmaker wrote: “I’ve sometimes turned my humility to numbness by letting time pass knowing I’d have the stamina to make up for it another time . “I work in my body with every breath, because it is the work, not the air, that makes me feel alive. This is some really harmful shit, but this is the shit that doesn’t really bother my perfectionist mind, because if I go to sleep at 9 and wake up at 5, no one knows what I’m thinking — unless I tell in Rhyme.

While shedding more light on his work, he wrote, “I know if it was a dark night, when all odds were against me and my skill went to the benefit of whoever took my life, they would have me with a broad.” Smile done and maybe even post it for some likes. I know that anyone who tells me they love me doesn’t love me all the time, especially when I’m better than fine and they have to watch it from every point in their life.” Adding, “Me got real don’t come here blind. I know what is what and above all what and who is by my side. Honestly… never mind. Dedicated to our brother V.”

Drake’s “Honestly, Nevermind” features 14 tracks in which he has collaborated with frequent collaborator Noah “40” Shebib, his manager Oliver El-Khatib, Noel Cadastre and Black Coffee. Interestingly, he only got 21 Savage as the only featured artist for this project. Stream the full album here.

1. Introduction’
2. ‘Falling Back’
3. “Texts turn green”
4. ‘Currents’
5. ‘A Guardian’
6. “Call my name”
7. ‘sticky’
8. ‘Massive’
9. “Flight is booked”
10. ‘Overdrive’
11. ‘Downhill’
12. “Tie That Binds”
13. “Liability”
14. ‘Jimmy Cook’s’

One user took a look at Drake’s new album and said: “I won’t give my thoughts on the whole album because no one cares about Lmao, but Drake, who throws a 21 Savage rap song at the end of his dance album, just throws that.” it’s all gone for me.” Another chimed in, “Drake made this album for the TikTok Gworls to do this little hip dance… he’s not smart.” While one user shared, “This Drake album is questionable…… album.”

One person wrote: “I feel like Drake could have worked with many others to make this album sound more authentically ‘house/dance’ but as it sounds now there’s a rushed project with nice beats.” The next tweeted: “I could have lived my whole life without some of the songs on Drake’s new album.” While one shared: “Drake’s new album is rubbish!!” Echoing similar sentiments, one posted: “Me wasted my time listening to drake’s new album – let me listen to 808 by kanye. Honestly doesn’t matter.” Another person said: “Drake is usually crap but his new album is extra crap”, while another concluded: “Holy shit was that a surprise album because Drake never wanted to release any of it? That was awful, it’s really hard to make myself not want to finish an album, but I couldn’t do it.

Drake dedicates new album to Virgil Abloh

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