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“Dr. Pimple Popper Season 8: Dr. Sandra Lee tackles Johnnie’s psoriasis and helps him regain his life

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Johnnie seeks help from Dr. Lee as his psoriasis prevents him from spending time with his daughter

dr Pimple Popper, also known as Dr. Sandra Lee, has overcome numerous difficulties in her work as a dermatologist. Now Dr. Lee to treat a severe case of psoriasis in tonight’s episode, which aired July 20.

Johnnie, 62, from Tallahassee, Fla. has psoriasis. He got it all the way from his ears to the soles of his feet. His skin is extremely dry, cracked and itchy all the time. His psoriasis started in 2002 with a pimple on his head that he popped out. He eventually went to a nurse who prescribed medication that didn’t work. In 2017, he saw a dermatologist who diagnosed him with psoriasis. He also offered him medication, which didn’t help.


He describes how his psoriasis makes it difficult for him to spend time with his daughter. This has also prevented him from working regularly since 2013. Now he works for a friend named John who treats him well and gives him work when he is needed most. He eventually arrives in Upland, California hoping for a miracle from Dr. Lee.

dr Lee claims that since meeting Johnnie, she has experienced the worst case of psoriasis she has ever seen. She notices stitches in his fingernails and plaques on his arms covered in white or gray scales often known as mica scales. dr Lee diagnoses plaque psoriasis, which causes scaly skin, based on the condition of skin all over his body. She says that every time she sees a psoriasis patient, she checks their nail plates, which often contain pits, which helps confirm the diagnosis.

The doctor shares the one advantage of psoriasis: it is not contagious. However, it can still make him itchy and unhappy and affect his well-being. dr Lee prescribes an injection that can cure psoriasis internally, unlike the creams Johnnie was previously prescribed which didn’t work. The injections are designed to calm his T-cell system, or immune system, which is used to fight off disease. Ustekinumab is the drug that Dr. Lee administered to Johnnie. She hopes that in about a month Johnnie would see a difference and advises him not to abandon the procedure as he will most likely return to his previous condition.

dr Lee shows him how to inject himself with the drug, which he has to do for several months. The drug, according to the doctor, works very well on various plaque types of psoriasis. She also mentions that some injections are self-administered in the abdomen or thighs, where there is a pad or small layer of fat to prevent the needle from hitting the bones. There is no certainty about the drugs, but Dr. Lee expects Johnnie to be better in a few months.


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He leaves the clinic full of optimism and confidence. Johnnie appears to have his psoriasis two months after consulting Dr. to have overcome Lee. His skin looks great and feels almost normal. He can now work longer hours with fewer breaks and spend more time with his child, which is why he sought treatment.

“Dr. Pimple Popper Season 8 airs every Wednesday at 9 p.m. on TLC.

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