Saturday, August 6, 2022

“Dr. Pimple Popper Season 8: Dr. Lee helps Stuart remove a cluster of “disgusting” bumps from his back

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Stuart, 65, of Glenn Heights, Texas, has a cluster of bumps on his back. He estimates there are 40-50 of these, which are large and spongy

What if your wife can’t handle the bumps on your back? Just take it out! In a brand new episode of “Dr. Pimple Popper” becomes a devoted husband to Dr. Sandra Lee confronted with his years of skin problems.

Stuart, 65, of Glenn Heights, Texas, has a cluster of bumps on his back. He estimates there are 40-50 of these, which are large and spongy. Nothing happens when he pushes or pulls on it; it just seems like a balloon that he wants to rip off. He first noticed the bumps in his early 30s, they didn’t bother him at first, but they kept showing up.


Stuart’s first visit to a dermatologist resulted in them being cauterized and frozen, but he never received a thorough diagnosis. The doctor, on the other hand, predicted that it would return. When they returned, they returned in greater numbers and prevented him from seeing another doctor. As his illness worsened, he experienced a variety of other health problems. He had two strokes, so he fought his way through the bumps and tried not to let them dominate his life. Even if the bumps don’t bother him, they itch. He admits to experimenting with homeopathic remedies, but nothing he’s tried has worked. Donna, his wife of 40 years, is now concerned as the bumps appear to have increased in size and multiplied across them. Stuart eventually decides to meet Dr. Sandra Lee as his wife finds the situation uncomfortable and worrying.

dr Lee asks Stuart if he was born with the bumps, to which he replies that he first noticed them when he was 30. He also admits he had the bumps etched in the 1980s, but they reappeared. Donna informs the doctor that they had these biopsies done and that the findings are benign. dr Lee discovered that the biopsy sites never grew back, but the bumps reappeared elsewhere. as dr When Lee first notices the bumps, she assumes Stuart has an epidermal nevus, but she is stumped because the disease is generally present at birth and shaving doesn’t help when they come back.

dr Lee is fascinated by Stuart’s growth as they exude an oddly satisfying tactical sense. dr Lee is puzzled by this growth as it appears to be an epidermal nevus, but Stuart was not present since birth. She informs him that she would send it to the lab for a more definitive diagnosis. After further research, Dr. Lee attributed the disorder to the superficial nevus lipomatosus. It is a rare benign hamartomatous skin condition characterized by the presence of clumps of mature adipose tissue amid dermal collagen bundles. She decides to send the tissue in for examination under a microscope to further confirm the diagnosis.

dr Lee numbs Stuart’s back before cauterizing the skin’s surface, shaving off the bumps and that’s it. dr Lee believes Stuart will heal well with small scars on his back when she completes the treatment.

Three months after the operation, Stuart’s life is going well. The discomfort used to be strong at times, but it is no longer disgusting and strange-looking.

“Dr. Pimple Popper Season 8 airs every Wednesday at 9 p.m. on TLC.

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