Wednesday, May 4, 2022

‘Dr Pimple Popper’: Dr Lee doesn’t risk operating on cowboy Dusten with a massive knee bump

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Dr Lee advises him to see an Orthopedist Surgeon since she can’t risk her patient’s life

TLC’s ‘Dr Pimple Popper’ is one of the most loved shows where Dr Sandra Lee helps her patients by relieving them of their pains and changing their lives. This season contains some of Dr Lee’s most interesting cases. However, there are a few occasions when Dr Lee does not perform the operation since it is beyond her field of expertise, but she is always ready to help her patients in whatever way possible.

The latest episode of ‘Dr Pimple Popper’ featured a 35-year-old cowboy Dusten. He has had a bump on his knee for the past 15 years. The man rides horses but with the lump, it has become increasingly difficult for him to continue with his job. The bump in the knee, which Dusten mentioned never stopped growing, seems squishy and mushy when you gaze at it.


Upon examining the knee, a worried Dr Lee said she would try her best to cure his condition, but she makes no promises to Dusten. After speaking with Dr Lee, Dusten feels more at ease. Lee began by numbing the region, and then she proceeded to cut the bump to see what was within. The fact that there was something of a blue hue inside the lump of the knee started the doctor, and she used her finger to feel what that substance was and what the bump carried. Later on, Lee determines that the bump may be addressed by an orthopedist. She doesn’t interfere with Dusten’s joint area and advises him to see an Orthopedist Surgeon since she can’t risk her patient’s life, and the thing was, it wasn’t even her field of work. Lee also helped Dusten find a doctor who could assist him.

As soon as the episode ended fans took to expressing their opinions. A fan tweeted, “#drpimplepopper please go to an orthopedic surgeon”. Another fan tweeted,” @SandraLeeMD
Orthopedic Surgeon to the rescue!!! MRI time!! #DrPimplePopper”. A tweet reads” @SandraLeeMD @DrPimplePopper Hoping for a cyst!!! I remember the cyst on the knee before!! greatest pop!!! #DrPimplePopper”

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