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‘Doubling Down With the Derricos’: Fans shocked as GG’s lung cancer returns

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While she was diagnosed and treated for cancer in 2014, it appears GG’s health has deteriorated

Family certainly comes first for Karen, Deon, and the Derrico kids. All of them are deeply connected, and it shows when you consider that Karen and Deon put their kids above everything else. It’s also heartwarming to see how close the children are to GG, their paternal grandmother.

Season 3 wasn’t kind to GG, however, as she had several health issues that were really a cause for concern. Combined with the move to South Carolina, a lot seems to be happening in the Derrico house. But it looks like everything could grind to a halt now.

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She had been diagnosed with lung cancer back in 2014, and while she was being treated at the time, doctors discovered she had cancer again. For GG, whenever it came to dates like birthdays or celebrations, she often wondered if she would still be there by then.

The news was heartbreaking and fans sent prayers and more. “We’re not giving up on GG!! We will pray and send her love!! #doublingdownwiththederricos #TheDerricos,” one fan tweeted. “Oh no. Pray for GG 🥺 #doublingdownwiththederricos,” added another. “Aweeee so sorry to hear @DEONDERRICO she DEFINITELY has my prayers and y’all @karenederrico #doublingdownwiththederricos,” added another. “The family must be devastated to hear about GG’s cancer!! #TheDerricos,” said one fan. “My thoughts and prayers are with The Derricos. I really hope things will be ok with Gigi. #TheDerricos,” added another.

When GG went shopping with Darian she told her granddaughter what was wrong with her as she saw that Darian was now old enough to understand. It also depended on whether the family would move to South Carolina. While Karen knew that Deon had made the preparations to start her business, she realized that staying with GG was necessary so that they could take care of her and the kids could be around her.

Season 3 of Doubling Down With the Derricos airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

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