Saturday, November 27, 2021

“Don’t come to our house”: Billie Eilish struck because she asked people to give up turkeys

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In a new Instagram post, Singer asks people to “change traditions” and fight for veganism, but is quickly trolled as many are angry

Billie Eilish is a well-known vegan, and on November 25th, she tried to get some of her fans to switch too. The singer posted a rather controversial Instagram story urging people to “change traditions” and stop eating turkeys for Thanksgiving. As you’d expect, it hasn’t been very well received online. Social media users hit Eilish quickly, and trolls cheerfully joined in too.

The “Happier Than Ever” hit maker is no stranger to controversy. Back in June, a TikTok video claimed she used a bare and mocked Asian man just days after her allegations of racism and homophobia were brought against her boyfriend Matthew Tyler Vorce. She has also been involved in frequent fights with trolls for her body, recently claiming her “big boobs” caused her to lose 100,000 followers.


“Turkeys are among the gentlest of creatures”

The singer fearlessly fights for issues that are important to her, such as veganism. Going vegan as a 12-year-old, Eilish had no qualms about eating meat again, and on Thanksgiving day, she tried to get her fans to do it on Instagram.

Cradling a turkey, Eilish wrote of its story, “Turkeys are some of the gentlest creatures in the world, and 46 million of them are killed every Thanksgiving. I know it’s hard to change traditions, but keep it in mind :). ”This is not the first time she’s going public with her veganism. In September, Eilish teamed up with Nike to bring out bespoke Air Jordan sneakers that are 100% vegan and made from 20% recycled materials.

“You can do cool shit and you don’t have to be wasteful,” she said on release. It went viral in October and was brutally trolled during a concert in Austin for slamming Texas abortion laws. While her story didn’t get as much attention as these comments, there were still a few people on social media who were angry about her activism. It wasn’t just her fans, however, some Republicans joined in, quickly making Eilish’s activism another topic in her “culture war” with the Democrats.

US MP Tim Burchett (R-TN) tweeted, “Then don’t come to our house.” One user replied, “yo fk u @billieeilish is now eating 2 turkeys.” Another trolls Eilish by uploading a photo of his turkey and tweeting the singer: “@billieeilish do you like my turkey?” One person scoffed, “I ask the people listening to Billie Eilish to reconsider this. Remember that.”

“Turkey? Gentle? @Billieeilish if turkey chases you first, you won’t say that. Turkey and gentle should never be in the same sentence. Never,” commented one person. Another asked, “Why does the waking crowd care about turkey this year?” Another popped: “@billieeilish nobody cares what you think about turkeys. Eat a turkey every year!”

Needless to say, Eilish’s contribution apparently did just the opposite. Not only did people enjoy their turkeys, they also seemed eager to share photos of them with Eilish. When it comes to the past, she will likely ignore the trolls anyway and continue her activism.

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