Sunday, January 22, 2023

Dolly Parton’s good sense of humor comes from both sides of the family

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Everyone knows that Dolly Parton can write songs, sing and act. But she’s also a comedian, making humor a part of her stage shows and sometimes considering offers to do a comedy special or album one day.

While speaking about being naturally funny, Parton revealed that in rhymes and jokes, that’s exactly how she feels about life. But she added that comedy roots run deep in her family tree, noting that she had a good sense of humor from both sides.

Parton grew up in a large family and there wasn’t always much to do. Her parents married and had children when she was a teenager, and the country star went on to have 11 siblings.

“When they were 35 and 37 years old, they had 12 children – six girls, six boys. We were just hill people, raised in the church,” Parton told Us Weekly. Living with a large family in a small cabin in Tennessee’s Smoky Mountains made her realize that she wanted to be an entertainer.

She explained, “I just knew I wanted to be in a bigger world. I knew there was more than just the Smokies. i love my people [and] I love my home but I just wanted to do more.”

In an interview with Bobby Bones, Parton spoke of being funny, noting that she was “a lot” approached about doing a comedy album.

Parton told Bones that she often writes comedy pieces for her stage shows and would sit down “for days” thinking of fun things to include. More specifically, she said when she’s not writing songs, she’s writing jokes. So she’s considering doing an album or even a Netflix-style comedy special.

While Parton admitted that many people have commented on how funny she is, she said she doesn’t know that’s true about herself. However, she noted that a good sense of humor comes from both sides of her family, sharing that her mother and father came from “hysterical” people.

“Just thinking weird I guess,” she shrugged, explaining that she looks at life in rhymes and jokes. And in terms of the album or special, she said, “That might be something I could do.”

In the interview with Andy Cohen further See what’s happening liveCohen asked Sally Field, who co-starred with Parton Steel magnolias, about the “wonderfully weirdest person” she’s ever worked with. After naming Shirley MacLaine and describing her as “divinely funny,” she placed the country music icon “a close second.”

“Dolly is so dirty,” Field explained. “She only has one tongue on her [that] you wouldn’t believe it. Everyone falls down… except for the guys who are like that [cringes].”

Of course, this is nothing new to those keeping up with Parton. She joked about having a threesome with her husband and Jennifer Aniston, which was on The Tonight Show. So it’s a bit funny to guess how “dirty” she might get with her personal humor and to harbor some hope that she’ll record an album or special in the future.

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