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Does the royal family celebrate Thanksgiving?

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A day of thanksgiving surrounded by family, friends and food seems universal. However, the uniquely American Thanksgiving holiday is not celebrated by everyone. The royal family has its own traditions by celebrating important dates throughout the season of giving. As the clan has evolved into a more modern monarchy over the years, have they taken a more open approach to incorporating other traditions into their calendar? Does the royal family celebrate Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is celebrated in London by Americans who have moved abroad and Brits who want to experience a different food tradition. According to Country and Townhouse, more and more restaurants are offering traditional American food.

However, most UK residents celebrate another type of festival to say thank you: Thanksgiving. This event takes place before Thanksgiving. Per Express, the Harvest Festival takes place on the Sunday closest to the Harvest Moon. Churches and schools celebrate the harvest festival with prayers, hymns and dances. Food is also collected and offered to charity for those less fortunate.

The cailleac or last sheaf of corn (corn) represents the spirit of the field. It is crafted into a harvest doll impregnated with water as a rain spell. The bundle is kept until spring planting. The celebration is also called Ingathering per Britannica.

Since the British formed the monarchy prior to Meghan Markle’s arrival, the royal family typically didn’t celebrate this American holiday. However, their traditions might have changed if Markle had remained a working member of the House of Windsor before stepping down from her role in March 2020 alongside husband Prince Harry.

After Markle revealed her relationship with Harry in 2016, she continued to celebrate the traditional meeting with her parents. Per E! news, first suits The actress shared a snap of her dining table on social media with a message of thanks. “Thank you for so many things – including these two gems that brought me into this world. Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours,” Markle wrote.

It’s not known if Meghan and Harry celebrated Thanksgiving privately during their first year of marriage, or if members of the royal family were invited to the American food and family celebration. However, it’s likely that the couple is now celebrating Thanksgiving with members of Meghan’s family since moving to California in early 2020.

The royal family has no official dates on their calendars scheduled for the third week of November 2022, according to their official website. As such, they’re likely enjoying the time together ahead of the flurry of activities planned ahead of the Christmas holidays. According to their calendar, the official commitments will continue in the week of November 28th.

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