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Does Shekeb attach Emily with gas? I Love A Mama’s Boy fans have slammed him for complimenting Yussra

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Shekeb’s constant compliments about Yussra’s shape and body made Emily feel insecure and uncomfortable

I Love A Mama’s Boy fans have watched Emily and Shekeb’s toxic relationship continue season after season. But it looks like the two TLC stars are finally wondering if they’re really a match, thanks to Laila’s girlfriend Yussra. Shekeb’s mother, Laila, set him up with her friend Yussra, and the duo hit it off almost immediately. Although Shekeb shared many common interests with Yussra, he clearly came to her and admitted that he was already in a relationship with Emily.

Yussra confessed that she found Shekeb attractive and interested in him, but decided to take a step back when she found out about Emily. When Shekeb told Emily about his date with Yussra, she was understandably upset, but asked him to set up a meeting with her. On the recently aired episode of “I Love A Mama’s Boy,” the trio met at a gym to work out together. As expected, things got pretty awkward between them. Shekeb’s constant compliments about Yussra’s shape and body made Emily feel insecure and uncomfortable. She called Shekeb a fraud and Yussra a housewreck. Instead of apologizing or reassuring Emily that nothing was going on between Yussra and him, Shekeb told Emily to apologize to Yussra. He also stated that he was embarrassed by Emily’s behavior.


When Shekeb turned on Emily, I Love A Mama’s Boy fans questioned his motives. Several fans took to Twitter to not only call out Shekeb for disrespecting Emily by complimenting Yussra’s body in front of her, but also gasping her. One fan tweeted: “Shekhib examines her a**. Compliments her body… totally gross and then acting shocked when Emily freaks out… yikes #iloveamommasboy.” “Shekeb is also wrong about training with Yussra at all and complementing her in shape and stuff. He’s disrespectful and a weak man. #iloveamamasboy,” one fan wrote. “As much as I find Emily annoying. Shekeb is SO disrespectful when he comments on a girl’s form right in front of Emily. #iloveamamasboy,” one fan added. “Sheekeb speaking about Emily was disrespectful while saying to Yussra ‘oh look at that shape’ this guy has a gas can with all the gas lighting he does #iloveamamasboy ‘ added one fan.


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Another fan shared, “Shakeeb needs to watch his mouth and finish his Gaslighting BS. #iloveamommasboy.” “Sheekeb is actually trying to get Emily to apologize to SMFH #iloveamamasboy,” one fan pointed out. “It’s so hard watching Shekeb and Yussra lighting Emily right now. #iloveamommasboy,” one fan commented. “I know this is just TV and this is all ‘for entertainment purposes’ but I hate to see a woman lose her dignity over a man. Emily, if you have to keep telling people that he’s your man and he’s not doing the same, there’s a problem. #ILOVEAMAMASBOY,” one fan remarked.

Season 3 of I Love A Mama’s Boy airs every Sunday at 10:9c on TLC and is available to stream via the Discovery+ app.

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