Wednesday, October 27, 2021

"Does not look good" "Summer house of the stars"- Participant Steff Jerkel has skin cancer

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The “Goodbye Germany” emigrant can currently be seen on the RTL reality show. But after the shooting he got a shocking diagnosis: Steff Jerkel has white skin cancer and has to undergo an operation.

Tonight another episode of the RTL show “Das Sommerhaus der Stars” flickers on the TV screens. This season also includes Steff Jerkel and Peggy Jerofke, who have become known in the past few years primarily through the emigration program “Goodbye Germany”.

The filming of the reality show has now been completed and the couple are back in their adopted home Mallorca. From there, Steff addressed his fans via Instagram. “There was bad news for me today,” says the restaurateur in his story and explains that he went to the doctor because of a noticeable spot on his forehead. He told him: “It’s skin cancer. And because it’s so advanced, it has to be operated on in two places. It has to be cut out,” reports the 51-year-old.

This news was a shock for him because he “didn’t take the whole thing seriously,” admits Steff. “I always thought that white skin cancer wasn’t that dangerous either, but they said it wasn’t without it and it didn’t look that good either,” said the TV emigrant. He appeals to his fans: “Take care of yourselves. If you see something, go there and don’t wait long like me.”

Now the father of a three-year-old daughter has to wait for the results after the operation and then see how things go for him. He wants to keep his fans up to date with updates on Instagram, assures Steff.

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