Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Does he have to go to jail for her? This is the woman at Lucas Hernández’s side

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Shock at Bayern: Lucas Hernández could go to jail for six months from next week. The reason is physical violence towards his wife. But who is the woman?

Again stress at Bayern. After Jérôme Boateng’s past violent past produced ugly headlines, a seemingly bizarre story by Lucas Hernández is now causing a stir. A physical abuse from his past could lead to a six-month prison sentence four years later.

That’s behind it: In the spring of 2017, a solid argument developed when Hernández came home drunk. His girlfriend at the time, Amelia Ossa Llorente, and today’s Bundesliga star quarreled. She injured him with a key, he wounded her in the back, jaw and lip. A court sentenced the two. But the couple broke the ban on contact. Because the Bayern player then mocked the court at a hearing, he was sentenced to six months in prison: Here you can read all the background information on the case.

But what became of the relationship between Hernández and his girlfriend? In short: a seemingly perfect love story. The two reconciled and flew to the USA that same year – for a honeymoon vacation together. The couple married in Las Vegas. The beautician and the soccer star had a son on August 1, 2018. The love happiness seemed perfect.

Because the move from Hernández to FC Bayern 2019 also meant a sporting advancement in professional terms. The record champions signed the defensive player for 80 million euros – making him the most expensive transfer in Bundesliga history to this day. His wife and son came with them to their new Bavarian homeland.

Son Martin recently celebrated his third birthday. The family proudly showed their happiness on Instagram – and not for the first time uploaded pictures and videos that allowed a private look behind the scenes of the celebrities. Hernández with his son in his arms sang a birthday serenade with his wife, and there was a huge cake. “We love you,” wrote the 25-year-old, among other things.

When he was introduced in 2019, the French international said at a Bavarian press conference: “I am a family man. That is the most important thing”. In addition, Hernández Junior came to the press event wearing a Bayern jersey. On the back the number 21 with the inscription “Papa”.

When his son was carried out of the press room, Hernández said with a smile: “He’s a little tired of it, he’s starting to cry”. After that, the toddler, who was eleven months at the time, could still be seen on the lawn of the Allianz Arena together with dad and mom – he clearly had fun, the perfect staging of family happiness.

Two years later it is not even clear when Lucas Hernández will be back on the field next. His next game could be against Bayer Leverkusen next Sunday, but whether Bayern will let their convicted kicker play is another matter. Just two days later, on October 19, Hernández is due to appear in court in Madrid and begin his six-month prison sentence within ten days.

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