Tuesday, October 26, 2021

DJ Snake ‘Sexy Girl’: Blackpinks Lisa cooperates with Ozuna and Megan Thee Stallion

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Ozuna confirms the release date for “Sexy Girl,” which will star Lisa of Blackpink and Megan Thee Stallion with DJ Snake

Now that Lisa from Blackpink is making a name for herself in the world market, her fans are excited to see what the Thailand-born rapper from one of South Korea’s biggest girl groups has in store for her future music endeavors. In early October, many Blackpink fans were furious with their label YG Entertainment for not treating Lisa as equal to other members of the group when she was held by Paris Fashion Week.

Lisa regularly posts updates on her social media accounts to show fans that she is having fun and Lillies is glad she is. On October 13, Lisa posted several photos on her Instagram while wearing retro sunglasses and posing for a photo with Hollywood actress Diana Silvers. Lisa obviously had a lot of fun on her vacation when she posed for candid pictures and a fun dance challenge video “Money” with her choreographer Cheshir Ha.


‘Sexy Girl’ ft. Lisa

On October 13th, DJ Snake and Ozuna released a teaser for their upcoming song “SXY GRL” or “Sexy Girl”, which made many fans look back on the fiery track the duo released in December 2018, entitled “Taki Taki” starring Selena Gomez and Cardi B. The single was an overnight hit with trap beats and a catchy chorus that remains a fan favorite to this day. The teaser for ‘Sexy Girl’ posted by DJ Snake made it clear that the song was going to be a great proposition as it features the great entourage of Blackpinks Lisa, Ozuna and Megan Thee Stallion. In the teaser clip, fans could see him come out of a grand hotel as he got into a flaming orange car with a license plate that reads “SXY GRL,” which fans now assume is the title of the single is.

Lillie was shocked to the core when the camera panned from the first license plate to that of another black car that said ‘LISA’. They quickly started talking about the song by saying “SOLM is coming” on Twitter, and fans started talking about how big an opportunity Lisa is. That same day, Ozuna went live on Instagram, spoiling the song’s release date, which is driving fans wild. The song will be released on October 22nd, according to Ozuna, with official release times and other updates to follow. The fans are excited to see what Lisa has in store for them, as her two solo singles are doing extremely well in the charts.

The news that Lisa is the only member of Blackpink to be seen on the track with DJ Snake, Ozuna and Megan Thee Stallion didn’t go well with many solo stans supporting only one member of the group, as opposed to treat all members of the group equally. Blinks, who support all members equally, reprimanded these solo stans for treating Lisa as equals because everything she does as a solo artist means just as much to Blackpink members as group activities.

Some solo stans were furious with Ozuna, who dropped a spoiler in August that made them believe the collaboration was a group venture. But with that said, most of the fans backed Lisa when they thanked DJ Snake for his persistence and said, “Thank you @djsnake for waiting to work with Lisa … love you.” A fan said: “SOLM COMING SOON.” Another fan said: “Thank you, DJ SNAKE, for your long wait for Lisa to take part in your masterpiece. You’re the best!”

Fans shouted solo stans and said, “Every Blackpink member supports one another.” A fan reprimanded her and said, “Shut up all solo stans! Yg has abused every single member of Blackpink more than enough! And now, when they finally get the attention they deserve as a solo artist or as a group, then all of the solo stans are barking shit on one of the members. “

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