Sunday, June 26, 2022

Diplo denied entry to Cannes party, fans say ‘they obviously never heard your music’

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Diplo, looking dapper in his new blue hairdo, shared what he was going through at a party in Cannes via a captioned video on social media

As one of the best DJs in the world, Diplo recently had an awkward moment after being stopped by gate security in Cannes. The acclaimed musician, whose real name is Thomas Wesley Pentz, was hired to DJ at a yacht party, but it looks like gate security was hard to convince.

However, Diplo took it in good stride as he shared his ordeal with a sense of humor on his Twitter and Instagram accounts respectively. The 43-year-old DJ, known for his hits like ‘Lean On’, ‘Where Are U Now’, ‘Revolution’ and others, was finally admitted when the yacht’s owner stopped by when he finally let him after he took control of the situation at the Cannes party.

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Diplo, looking dapper in his new blue hairdo, shared what he was going through via a captioned video on Instagram. “I was booked to DJ at a yacht party in Cannes but security wouldn’t let me in,” the DJ shared, adding, “The yacht was empty so I was about to take the L and get some food.”

In the video, Diplo can be seen interacting with security in Cannes, while a woman from the event tries to help the musician explain who exactly he is. The video pans over to the yacht as Diplo adds, “She’s still empty” and finally, “Luckily the owner came by and let me in.” While sharing the video, Diplo captioned the post, “Carrying next time On the work front, Diplo was nominated for a Grammy for Best Dance/Electronic Music Album.

“They’ve obviously never heard your music”

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