Monday, June 27, 2022

Did Tucker Carlson label Joe Biden a ‘child molester’? Here’s what the FOX News host really said

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Tucker Carlson said Joe Biden used the Feds as his secret police after investigating a woman who found Ashley Biden’s diary

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has blasted Joe Biden over claims the president showered with his sex-addicted daughter Ashley Biden when she was young. He also criticized the FBI for investigating a woman who found and sold a diary containing this information. Calling the details in Ashley’s diary “sick” and “terrible,” Carlson asked if it was child abuse that required a police investigation.

“I remember having sex with friends when I was young; Showering with my dad (probably inappropriate),” Ashley wrote in her journal in a January 2019 entry. Speaking on the matter, Carlson asked his audience, “If you are the father of daughters, ask yourself, is there an explanation for this behavior that is justified?”


Carlson highlighted the fact that Ashley didn’t mention the age at which she showered with her dad, but she was old enough to remember it. “By the way, little kids don’t shower, they bathe,” Carlson said. Regarding the showers, Carlson said, “If that’s not child abuse, it’s definitely close enough to warrant a police visit.”

Carlson went on to say that Biden was using the Feds as his secret police after the Daily Mail revealed Aimee Harris was being investigated over Ashley’s diary after she sold it. The diary talks about her sex addiction and says her speculation that showering with her father may have contributed to it. Harris found the diary in a bed in a Florida transitional home where Ashley Biden had stayed at a time when she was being treated for her compulsive sexual desire. She was neither arrested nor charged.

The FBI was reportedly looking for a copy of a “stolen” diary from Ashley Biden. Carlson recalled how federal agents searched the home of a Project Veritas activist and the organization’s founder, James O’Keefe, in November 2021. Carlson echoed O’Keefe’s words when the raids took place, saying, “In which world does the alleged theft take place? an FBI-investigated diary? Why did they do that?” Then he said, “The answer lies in what’s in the diary. Now we know what’s in the diary.”

Aimee Harris, 39, was reportedly fresh out of rehab when she found the diary under a mattress. He showed the journal at a Republican fundraiser and sold it to Project Veritas for $40,000. Ashley wrote that she was “hypersexualized.” [at] at a young age.” She also shared how she became involved in substance abuse and matters outside of her marriage. She said her finances were “on the edge of the wire” and recalled making her worried father cry before a Democratic primary.

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