Sunday, December 5, 2021

Did George Clooney Beat Up Alec Baldwin? Actor reveals his method with guns

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George Clooney blew up the production of “Rust” saying that the gun safety measures on the unfortunate set are nothing he has ever heard of before

George Clooney spoke about the death of Halyna Hutchins on the set of Rust. The father of two said it was “insane and annoying” that there were live bullets on the set that resulted in the death of the award-winning cameraman. Among other things, Clooney pointed out that there is no term such as “cold gun” that Deputy Director Dave Halls used to describe the firearm he presented to Alec Baldwin while saying it was safe to use. Clooney said it was shocking that Halls was allowed to go near the gun and was the person who presented it to Baldwin.

Clooney said Hutchins’ death, in which director Joel Souza was also injured, was a “terrible accident,” but alleged that Halls fell ill given the tight security measures on the sets following the deaths of Brandon Lee and Jon-Erik Hexum. In an interview with Marc Maron on the ‘WTF’ podcast, Clooney blew up the film for “pinching” on production costs by hiring inexperienced armourers in what is viewed as an excavation against Baldwin, who is the producer of the film.


Did George Clooney Beat Up Alec Baldwin?

Baldwin’s woes won’t end anytime soon as the paparazzi follow his family all the time. He was also sued by the film’s light guide, Serge Svetnoy. Together with the other producers, he was accused of negligence. Clooney also seemed to take a hit on him in his comments. On the podcast, the actor said that if he has to use a gun on the set, he has to follow a certain routine until he returns it. He said he opens the gun and shows it to the person he is supposed to point it at and the crew. Clooney said he then shot it into the ground six times before returning it to the armory after each scene.

On the podcast, Clooney said, “I don’t know Alec that well. I’ve seen the news and have to say they have the bad guy who will be the first ad. Be ad ** k, I don’t know the guy at all but I’ve been on the set for 40 years and the person who hands you the gun , the person in charge of the weapon is either the prop person or the weapon master. Period, “he said.” Every time I’m given a gun on set, I look at it, open it, show it to the person I’m pointing it at, we show it to the crew, every time I take it, you give it They return the armorer when you’re done and you do it all over again.

“Part of it is because of what happened to Brandon. Everyone does. Everybody knows. Maybe Alec did that, I hope he did, but the problem is, dummies are tricky. Because they look like real bullets in the little hole in the back where someone took the gunpowder out, “added Clooney before speaking about the inefficiency of the inexperienced producers.” And why for my life this low-budget film with producers who don’t produce anything hadn’t hired someone with experience for the armorer … Maybe they didn’t even use that weapon for target practice, but they had live ammunition with dummies in their backpack. This is crazy, it’s crazy, and it makes you angry. “

“We need to be better at making department heads more experienced and knowing what they’re doing. Because that’s just annoying. Every time I get my hands on a six cannon, you point it at the ground and shoot Mal. Always. “He added,” I’ve never heard of the term ‘cold gun’, they just talk about things I’ve never heard of. It’s annoying. “Svetnoy’s lawsuit further fueled the flames of those allegations against the production.” They were trying to save money by hiring an insufficient number of crew members to safely handle the props and firearms, “TMZ explained, which The lawsuit alleged that there were other concerns on the set, including violating “industry norms, rejecting requests for gun training days, failing to allow proper time for firing, failing to send security bulletins and too thinly distributing staff.” . “

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