Saturday, August 6, 2022

Did Amber Heard blackmail Elon Musk? Jessica Reed Kraus synopsis reveals SHOCKING details

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“She would really fuck Elon up for distressing events to happen and then film everything,” a guest at Heard’s parties told influencer Jessica Reed Kraus

Amid the shocking information that continues to surface following the release of earlier sealed documents related to the multi-million dollar Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial, an influencer is recruiting her own group of followers online for an exposé. Instagram influencer @houseinhabit, whose real name is Jessica Reed Kraus, also writes on Substack, where she shared some eerie details about Heard and her wild parties.

According to her revelation, the 36-year-old actress threw racy parties in Los Angeles, where attendees were encouraged to “indulge in copious amounts of MDMA, alcohol and intercourse.” Kraus has claimed that she received these details from “ex-boyfriends of AH” who “firsthand witnessed her destructive tendencies.” One person on Twitter who claimed to have read Kraus’s article called it “some Eyes Wide Shut Creepfest!”


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Did Amber Heard Blackmail Elon Musk?

The social media influencer claimed the ‘Aquaman’ star and the Tesla CEO first met in 2011 at a party thrown by him and then-wife Talulah Riley. The exposé then went on to claim that Musk actually paid money for the defamation lawsuit, which Heard had to pay. The alleged reason was that she “had a dark shit on him.”

A partygoer reportedly told Kraus, “It’s not surprising to anyone who knows her. Amber always filmed him. She had method. She had it. She would really fuck Elon up so that distressing events could happen and then film everything.” It was also said that Heard had a “talent for attracting other young (usually gay) struggling actresses.”

For her synopsis, Kraus interviewed a person named Gia, who claimed she was “in love” with The Rum Diary actress. She also said that as things went between her and Heard, she also received invitations to those parties “where she, Heard, and Musk engaged in scandalous behavior.” Gia added: “But oh boy is she [Heard] Actually a total psycho and I’m sure that she will eventually kill someone if she hasn’t already done so.


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Meanwhile, Twitter exploded with reactions after the synopsis, with one user tweeting: “How many people did she do this to? What about Van Ree? All her exes who haven’t reached out? Did Amber just force people to be quiet or say positive things about them or be embarrassed for things she set in motion? Another wrote: “I read it, can see very soon Amber’s world is crumbling around her, she may have powerful men who are afraid of her outing them but what about the victims?? They won’t stay hidden forever!” “Defendant Amber films rich guys and then frames them. I wonder how much hush money she gets?” asked the third.

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