Tuesday, January 24, 2023

‘Deserves More’: Fans react to Violet McGraw getting just $150,000 in salary due to ‘M3GAN’ success

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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Last year was an unexpected year for the horror and thriller genre as Violet McGraw’s sci-fi horror film ‘M3GAN’ stunned everyone with the amazing storyline and unexpected, stunning performances by the actors, particularly by, amazed Amie Donald. Speaking of appearances in the film, ‘M3GAN’ actress Violet McGraw was reportedly making nearly $4,000 a week for the film and is potentially expecting an additional $150,000 based on the film’s box office success.

The film, directed by Gerard Johnstone, was a commercial and critical success, grossing over $124 million worldwide on a budget of $12 million and is currently the highest-grossing film of 2023. The film was praised by critics for its campy mix of horror and humor, satirical elements and performances. Additionally, very shortly after its box office success, the sequel titled “M3GAN 2.0” is slated for release on January 17, 2025, with Allison Williams and McGraw reprising their roles and Akela Cooper returning to write the screenplay.


M3GAN 2.0: The horror film sequel starring Amie Donald is slated to hit theaters in 2025

Violet’s work also brought a number of other benefits, including the opportunity to fly business class to New Zealand for the project. The deal also said she would receive bonuses based on how well the film did at the box office, and since the world knows the film has grossed more than $73 million in the country, Violet may see an extra $150,000 -dollars before.

However, some fans feel that the child actor deserves more for her hard work and given the box office success numbers, while others just sarcastically compare how richer she is compared to them. One fan said, “She deserves better,” while another added, “She can buy anyone in this comments section.” One fan wrote, “She deserves more for the next movie! She is Nell from Haunting of Hill House. One fan shared, “Give her more,” while another added, “A kid richer than any Stan twitter is good for her.” Finally, one commented Fan: “Deserves a lot more.”

However, the sci-fi slasher film remembers Violet playing Cady, the newly orphaned young girl who is sent to live with her Aunt Gemma, a roboticist played by Allison Williams who is responsible for the design of the AI-powered “M3GAN ‘ is responsible, which somehow turns into a killing machine.

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